New Years Day and the Apocolyspse/PS2 Challenge

Due to the extreme amount of bowl games on this day (better than last year), The Subway Domer is going to do a brief rundown of the day and the picks. Time to rock out with your cock out! OUTBACK BOWL Joe Pa and Fat Phil. What a way to start New Years , with […]

Smurf Turf Makes Da U Feel Blue Too

MPC COMPUTERS BOWL Remember when Miami used to go to bowl games wearing their fatigues and their camo stuff. Well maybe this year they should of borrowed the Arctic Wear that the Army uses, because it’s gonna be cold. They were already bitching about it the moment they got off the plane. Here’s a little […]

Meineke Bowl…BC’s Dream Season

Another year, and another mid-level bowl for the BC Eagles. They live for this stuff. This school has only limited goals as to not disappoint themselves too much. Navy comes to their third straight bowl and are seeking another chance at some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Tom O’Brian is gone to greener pastures, by greener pastures I mean […]

Alamo Bowl… Try to Forget

This game is probably the worst matchup in the entire bowl season. Iowa squeaks in with a 6-6 record and may find itself way over their heads early. Texas needs to find some motivation as this game is a huge disappointment for them. Texas had a lot of hope coming into the season, but saw […]

Chick-fil-A Bowl… PS2 Challenge

This Peach of a game is another defensive battle of epic proportions. The keys for the game are the same for both teams, QB play against a great defense and the ability to establish the run. Whoever can run the ball with some consistency will be able to go to the play-action to freeze the […]

You Are the Champs of Nothing Bowl

CHAMPS SPORTS BOWL The horribleness of this bowl is astounding. These are 2 very mediocre teams with fat coaches. Purdue racks up a lot of yards, but their defense will give up as many or more to their opponent.Maryland, if you watched them, has never impressed me with their own offense and defensively they are […]

Give Me Insight…PS2 Challenge

INSIGHT BOWL A lot of pundits believe this game to be a high scoring affair, and it very well could be. These teams are like the biggest opposites you could find for a game. Except for one stat,and the only one that really matters, points per game. TT scored 31.5 a game while MINN scored […]

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Spurrier

LIBERTY BOWL The Ole Ball Coach returns to bowling after a 21 point meltdown from a year ago. South Carolina takes on Houston in a game that should be quite explosive. SC has a dynamic WR in Rice and with Spurrier calling the shots he should see a lot of touches from a hot-as-of-late QB, […]

PS2 Challenge… Stinky Sun Bowl

SUN BOWL Here comes a sweet game that I promise will be a edge of the seat kind of game. How am I so sure? Just cause homey, chill and watch a gem an hour into the Clemson/Kentucky blowout. Mizzou has a quality offense with excellent players in QB Chase Daniel and TE Chase Coffman, […]

PS2 Challenge…Music City Bowl

MUSIC CITY BOWL Oh what sweet music to my ears. Clemson and Kentucky rocking it up in Nashville. This is UK first bowl game in 7 years and should be fired up for that fact alone. Clemson, however, may not be as enthusiastic about its situation. Remember when they won that big game against GT […]

A Prime Duel… Texas and Holiday Bowls PS2 Challenge

You Are Either With Us Or Against Us This is the first time this Bowl season that 2 bowls will be competing for viewership in the same time slot. And it’s Prime Time no less. In fact this is going to be the first of only thrice that this phenomenon happens. The second will be […]

Declaration of Independence…Bowl/ I H8 U PS2

This game is one of the hardest matchups to engage and analyze. I don’t know a lot about either team. So this game just might come down to the intangibles. Alabama has no coach and it seems the same can be said of their offense…they have no offense. OKSU has an awful defense, but in […]

The Nutty Bowl AKA Emerald Bowl

First off, I think a tally is in order for the PS2 Challenge. Although I, the Subway Domer, am smoking my competition the PS2 5-3 to 2-6 my overall record and accuracy must improve. Since I have all the results already, improvement means praying. The game on Wednesday night should be a good game to […]

PS2 Challenge…Motor City Bowl

Are you feeling hot? Well if you are, chances are that you’ve caught LeFevour. What the hell is that you might ask? It ain’t the French Flu, it’s the QB for the Central Michigan Chippewa’s. He’s only a redshirt-freshman, but has showed great poise all year and is a duel-threat option that MTSU must contain […]

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas to all of you Domers out there! This is the time of year to look back on the season we’ve had and to also look towards the future at the season to come.Before you can really judge the performance of this years team one must put it into the context of a 3-4 […]