Top 25 People Who Changed the NHL’s Business

There are some people who changed the NHL forever – for better or for worse. Here are our top 25 and for more info on latest NHL updates visit DocSports. 25 NHL Influencers So who are these 25 people who changed the game? Let’s look more closely. 1 – Frank Calder The first ever President […]

POLL WATCH: Irish At #8 And #10

The Irish move up both polls a little bit this week. It matters until the polls stop being relevant. That happens when the CFB playoff committee releases their rankings.

I Thought Virginia Was A Smart School?

Virginia students showing as much creativity as their offensive coordinator. I expected better than that Wahoos. Notre Lame or Yoder Dame or Yoder Lame would have been better than this. NO CANDY FOR YOU      

Brian VanGorder Uses Telekinesis

Retweet if you're now afraid of Notre Dame's defensive coordinator. Favorite if you're not. — CBS Sports (@CBSSports) September 6, 2015

Notre Dame’s 2015 Captains

Nick Martin, Jaylon Smith, Sheldon Day, Joe Schmidt and Matthias Farley are your 2015 Notre Dame team captains. — Notre Dame Football (@NDFootball) August 27, 2015

Irish #10 On Bloguin’s Top 50

#NotreDame is counting on its depth in pursuit of a playoff run. More from @TheSubwayDomer: — The Student Section (@TheStudentSect) August 17, 2015

Backup Quarterback Prank Calls Offensive Coordinator

What do you do when you are not only a backup quarterback and former walk-on who just so happens to be the son of the team’s defensive coordinator? Well, you prank your dad’s coworkers. Montgomery VanGorder, son of Brian VanGorder (legendary hip hop mogul) decided to welcome the new offensive coordinator to South Bend. Well […]