LeBron James and Anthony Davis stars as Lakers beat Rockets to level the game

Anthony Davis and LeBron James were able to total up to 62 points, 21 rebounds and 13 assists altogether as the Los Angeles Lakers resisted the Houston Rockets in a 117-109 victory leveling the scoreline to 1-1 in their Western Conference semi-final. LeBron James was close to achieving a triple-double landmark in the game as […]

LA Clippers Patrick Beverley fined $25k for verbal abuse on an official

Los Angeles Clippers’ guard Patrick Beverley has always been known for his never-backing-down play in a game, even when it comes to the opponent being an official. Following their Game 2 defeat at the hand of the Denver Nuggets, Beverley was seen to have gone after the referee having been whistled on for a foul […]

Boston Celtics defeat Toronto Raptors 111-89 in Game 5

With every step come consequences. The Toronto Raptors have come to reap their consequences of going down 2-0 at the start of the series. Having been forced to a hole from the very beginning the Raptors were willing to crawl out of it but with little help, they could get from the bench, the team had to […]

Arizona Cardinals close in extending DeAndre Hopkins Contract

With the hope of keeping a tight hold on one of their best players to send the suitors away, several clubs will try their best to offer those players new and improved contract extension. One of these clubs is Arizona Cardinal, who has been reported to be close in agreeing on a new and improved […]

Bad News For The NFL

We’re a week or two away from the big return of the major US sporting events and the return of a lot of entertainment that has been sorely missed, similarly we’re also coming to the end of many sporting seasons in Europe as the next scheduled starts come in September. The biggest hit may come […]

Baseball Is Back! What We Know

The NBA was the first of the big US sports to announce the date in which it would return, but not to be outdone the MLB has followed suit and looks to be returning a little earlier but given the many changes that are no doubt required to get things back underway there’s a lot […]

How Esports Helped The Entire Sporting Industry

We’re seeing most major sporting events across Europe start to return to business as usual – the Premier League football in the UK gets underway today alongside the return of UK racing through the Royal Ascot which also started this week, Formula 1 is looking to make a comeback relatively soon too. A sentiment which […]

Who Will Win The Biggest Races At Royal Ascot This Year?

This year’s Royal Ascot will be one of the most unique in its history. It might not be one of the Triple Crown races, but even Americans can appreciate the races, even if only for the betting side of it. For the first time ever, there will be no fans in attendance for the huge […]

Top 25 People Who Changed the NHL’s Business

There are some people who changed the NHL forever – for better or for worse. Here are our top 25 and for more info on latest NHL updates visit DocSports. 25 NHL Influencers So who are these 25 people who changed the game? Let’s look more closely. 1 – Frank Calder The first ever President […]

Everything You Need To Know About the History of Sports Betting

Ever wondered how the idea of betting on sports came into being? Who were the first bookmakers in history? How sports gambling shunned the stigma once attached to its name and become a $400 billion industry? Provided you’ve ever found yourself grappling with these questions, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re […]

The Best NFL Draft Picks of All Time

The centennial NFL campaign is in full swing and it’s becoming clear what some teams might need in the next draft but rather than focus on that, we’re going to have a little tribute to those picks over years gone by who weren’t necessarily tipped for greatness when they arrived on the scene but now […]

  5 Top Picks For Your Fantasy College Basketball League

Fantasy basketball is huge, and college basketball’s exciting young talent has spawned its own independent popularity. Creating a successful fantasy college basketball team really tests your mettle as an avid fan and a prospective manager. Sites like have made finding team stats and their odds of success so much easier, but stats are not […]

Improve your Football Betting with amazing ways

While betting on sports, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind. Yes, it is a game of luck, but if your mind works faster, you can change your fate in your way. All you need to do is a few things. Go to LSM99 for amazing football betting stats. Understand the Concept of […]