A Leprechaun For The Holidays

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special Notre Dame fan in your life? Perhaps you're just looking for something more special in your life? Well Stone Mascots has the perfect thing just for you, or for whomever you may choose; a Notre Dame Leprechaun Statue.  This isn't just some small paper weight […]

Unexpected Odds Happen

Every new football season starts out with the same level of excitement as summer winds down and school begins. The unknown of what may or may not happen is debated, discussed, and prognosticated by any and all that have even the minimum of  a 'voice." Most sports betting sites like have all the odds […]

The Subway Domer Retires

Friends, the time has come. After some very grueling soul searching and contemplation, I have decided to hang my jersey up and retire from blogging as The Subway Domer.  This decision did not come lightly. I have been thinking about it since last year at this time- and I almost pulled the trigger then. I […]

Stats That Lie & Stats That Don’t: Oklahoma

Week 5: Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma Not quite 2012 eh? But we knew that already. Notre Dame shot themselves in the foot en route to a 35-21 defeat by 14 points. Incidentally, this number is equal to the amount of point Oklahoma managed to score in the first 3 ½ minutes of the game off […]

Twittermania: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets 9/30/13

Twittermania is here. Sorry if I lack the enthusiasm to sell this thing- it got intercepted at some point on Saturday. Per usual, you can find the full season standings at the Twittermania tab at the top & the Leaderboard follows the tweets.  Here we go… [View the story “Twittermania: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB […]

Irish Coffee & Doughnuts: Oklahoma To Arizona State

Here's your Sunday Irish Coffee & Doughnuts from our resident second pair of 2 Bros, Knute School Fool & Tha Grotto Gangsta (Blog Davie & Steve In Iowa are the other). After a 35-21 Notre Dame loss to Oklahoma, going into the studio at 10:30 Saturday night and hammering out this game was the best […]

Rapid Reaction: #22 Notre Dame 21, #12 Oklahoma 35

Notre Dame winning the rushing battle against Oklahoma seemed implausible while previewing this game and statistically it's the biggest key in beating a Bob Stoops coached football team. I thought they had a better chance to take home a victory if they won the turnover battle. Instead, Notre Dame took a sizeable advantage in the […]

Blatant Questioning

If you haven't heard, it has been a rough week for your WarLord & Emperor. No Anti-Preview this week, but I do bring you a question and answer post with a great Oklahoma Sooner and college football blogger, Allen Kenney from Blatant Homerism. Enjoy: In some ways, this game has the same type of "feel" […]

Irish Coffee & Doughnuts: From Michigan State To Oklahoma

It's late- we know. Still, that mustn't be a reason used to NOT listen to this week's Irish Coffee & Doughnuts from Knute School Fool and Tha Grotto Gangsta. 60 minutes of podcast fury.  This week, KSF asks you to play along. There is a video below the player. Click play on the video when […]

Beating Oklahoma – Do The Numbers Align For Another Upset?

Eleven months have passed since Notre Dame's 20 point fourth quarter stomp out in Norman started making believers in the Irish as National Title contenders. Heading into that game I laid out how teams had been able to beat Bob Stoops in recent years and trends favored the 2012 Irish. A statistical analysis at the […]

Irish Blogger Gathering: Good Vibrations

The Irish Blogger Gathering is getting HYPED for this upcoming game against Oklahoma. This week, I drew Keith Arnold of Inside the Irish and forced him to write poetry, work as a psychologist, and DJ some beats. The typical. You can catch the rest of the IBG's as they roll in on the member sites: […]

Twittermania: The Weekly Top 10 #NDFB Tweets 9/25/13

Welcome to Twittermania. Big day on the site, so I'll skip much of an intro here. I will say that there are more than 10 tweets this week due to a rant from Michael Felder. His collection of tweets are worth 10 points. New rules y'all… I can do that. The season standings can be […]

Stats That Don’t Lie & Stats That Do: Michigan State

Week 4: Notre Dame vs. Michigan State It was ugly. It was gritty. It was lacking in real offense. It was Notre Dame vs. Michigan State as we’ve learned to know it now. But was it really? Yes, 3 of the last 5 meetings have been decided by a single score or less, but until […]

The Michigan State Hangover

After Notre Dame's 17-13 victory over Michigan State, I went out and partied my ass off. You don't understand… the kids were sent to their grandmother's house while Empress Kiki and I went out and painted the town green till the sun came up.  It felt good. We really haven't done it up together like […]

Bring The Megaphone Trophy Out To The Field

Notre Dame has embraced their rivalry trophies more and more since the arrival of Brian Kelly. That's great, and for those of you that have followed this site at any time in the past 7 years, you know that I am 100% on board with the idea that these trophies (at least a few of […]

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame vs Michigan State

The Anti-Preview is in a rush. In fact, it is in as much of a rush as this season has gotten itself into. This season has already got out of hand according to many fans. Tommy Rees sucks and the defense is now a charitable organization that just gives yards and points away like a […]

Notre Dame v. Michigan State: Primer, Notes & Predictions

#21 Notre Dame v. Michigan State Notre Dame Stadium – South Bend, IN – 3:30 EST on NBC First Things – I'm starting this post at 12am Friday morning in an old farmhouse about 30 miles from South Bend. I hope Notre Dame's drainage systems are up to the task of the past 24 hours. It was raining […]