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Notre Dame Haiku: Volume III

VELCUM VELCUM TO YOUR VORST NIGHTMARES… HAPPY HALLOWEEN Y’ALL!!! I didn’t forget the ND Haiku feature this week- but I am at war with myself over how to administer this fun. Should I ask for submissions or do I wait? Do I put out a bunch of my own- or do I share the BOOM […]

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College Football Playoff Rankings Provide Surprises

They wasted no time in unveiling the new College Football Playoff rankings Tuesday night. There wasn’t even a commercial break for suspense to see the top 4. It was as business like as one could ask for, and it was refreshing to see it put out that way when the moment could have really been […]

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Irish Blogger Gathering: Getting Back Up

HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME! After a devastating and mostly bullshit loss, and then a by week to realize just how undevasting and completely bullshit the loss really was, the IBG is back and ready to get weird. It’s Navy week, and although I normally go “pirate” this week, Mike Coffey went FULL pirate for […]


Bagpipe Monday: Wobble

Welcome back to Bagpipe Monday here on Subway Domer. This past weekend had your hero right smack dan in the middle of a fall wedding. Seeing as it was a bye week for the Irish, I didn’t feel inclined to go FULL ASSHOLE I WOULD RATHER HUMP AN ERUPTING VOLCANO mode. The slate of CFB […]

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Notre Dame Haiku: Volume II

Welcome to Notre Dame Haiku: Volume II. Friends, if you missed last weeks initial offering, you missed a poor introduction. The Haiku quality from you, the reader was great, but the lead in was poor, rushed, and just pure shit. Also, your host never gave his offering. So, to right this ship, I will give […]


The Florida State Hangover

I haven’t been sulking. I haven’t been sitting around and rewatching “the play” over and over again with a a bottle of gin and a heavy sack of heroin. I haven’t buried myself in a mountain of fast food wrappers. Nope- this delayed response is just another bye week tradition. So. forgive me as I […]

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DEFEAT: Notre Dame 27, Florida State 31

The hype wasn’t nearly the same as what the game in 1993 was, but the overall game lived up to the legend. Unfortunately for Notre Dame, they were the ones that came up short near the goaline. The game came down to one play despite the 4th down heave. Notre Dame came to Tallahassee with […]

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Notre Dame Haiku

I am starting this feature despite many, many “delays.” I promise it will be much better next week. Here are a few of the haikus sent in this week. I promise this will be much better next week. Send in yours to help me out.

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Irish Blogger Gathering: In The Game

Did I miss something? Was the IBG scheduled for another day? Well, yes and no. This week, which just so happens to probably be the biggest week of the year for Notre Dame football, has been just absolutely insane for your truly. What’s odd, is that nothing “special” was going on this week, and yet […]


Chopping It Out With Noled Out

IT’S FLORIDA STATE WEEK Y’ALL!!! Wake up people, because this is what makes the season great. Other things that make a great season… talking football with the enemy. Today we sit down with Mike Ferguson of for the first of many more cross-posting roundtables with other Bloguin sites and Matt Zemek of Bloguin’s The […]


Subway Domer Podcast: Enabling Crab Rankings

Welcome back to The Subway Domer Podcast y’all! I feel like it has been a while since we spit it out. Friend of the site, friend of mine, and chipmunk hunter extraordinaire Irish Tightness runs this for me as always. In this episode we stay on target and talk about my “piss poor” ranking system, […]


The North Carolina Hangover

Notre Dame’s 50-43 victory over North Carolina was like nothing we have seen before from this Irish team. A fully full on shootout- and in Notre Dame Stadium no less. North Carolina is not a good football team, yet Brian Kelly had warned everyone that the Tar Heels had some athletes and this would be […]


Bagpipe Monday: The High And Mighty

I’m probably too late. I was probably late weeks ago. With Notre Dame’s upcoming showdown at #2 Florida State, Irish fans have been working themselves into a frenzy about Jameis Winston and the Seminoles. In typical fashion, this frenzy has almost nothing to do with what happens on the football field, but rather what happens […]