Notre Dame Haiku: Volume V

And we’re back with more Notre Dame Haiku. Loyal subjects, the goals are simple this year. One Haiku post for each game week, and you can / are expected / are invited to submit your own haikus via the comment section below (keep scrolling, it’s down there somewhere) or if you are on Twitter, you […]

Bagpipe Monday: Children’s Chips

Welcome to the opening BAGPIPE MONDAY here on Subway Domer for the 2015 season! Friends: I have been trying over the past few weeks to get excited for the season. Yes, yes… I am excited for the season to start and all that comes with it, but I’m talking about a different type of excitement. […]

Notre Dame’s 2015 Captains

Nick Martin, Jaylon Smith, Sheldon Day, Joe Schmidt and Matthias Farley are your 2015 Notre Dame team captains. — Notre Dame Football (@NDFootball) August 27, 2015

Notre Dame Adds A Fork In Campus Crossroads Project

The University of Notre Dame released some details to its Campus Crossroads project via the school’s website on Tuesday. Among the details listed: Improvements to the Wi-Fi network within the stadium Enhancements to the existing sound system within the stadium bowl Renovation of restrooms and an increase in the number of women’s restrooms Renovation of […]

Irish #10 On Bloguin’s Top 50

#NotreDame is counting on its depth in pursuit of a playoff run. More from @TheSubwayDomer: — The Student Section (@TheStudentSect) August 17, 2015

Notre Dame’s 2015 Shamrock Series Uniforms Aren’t For Everyone

It’s like we almost forgot this was coming without a “swatchdown” to warn us. Yes folks, the 2015 Shamrock Series uniforms for Notre Dame are here- AND THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL! You can say whatever it is you like about these uniforms. I love them- in fact, I consider these to be the 2nd best all-time alternate […]

Subway Domer Podcast: Liars And Dreamers

Irish Tightness and The Subway Domer shake off the rust and start talking Irish football for the 2015 season. Join us as we discuss Zaire, the defensive line, furniture building, and we unveil the 2015 Subway Domer People’s Champ! You can use this handy player or you can download the podcast from iTunes. HOLLA!

Great Expectations, Our Mutual Friend

Now that football camps have gotten well underway across the country and preseason talk is heating up like the oceanic waters around the equator. And just like El Nino has far-reaching effects, so too do things like preseason polls and season previews. As much as these things are there to prepare and excite us for […]

Kelly Ready For 6th Season At Notre Dame

Brian Kelly kicked off his 6th season as the head coach of the Notre Dame football program with a press conference that ran for over an hour. 6 seasons. That’s a landmark when it comes to Fighting Irish football coaches. The last one to make it to season 6 was Lou Holtz. Before Holtz, it […]

Answering Important Notre Dame Football Questions: Playoffs

I thought it had only been a month since my last post. I thought I had done something within that time to ready myself and some of my loyal subjects for the season ahead- but then I took note at the time lapse, and realized that it has been nearly two months since I last […]

Backup Quarterback Prank Calls Offensive Coordinator

What do you do when you are not only a backup quarterback and former walk-on who just so happens to be the son of the team’s defensive coordinator? Well, you prank your dad’s coworkers. Montgomery VanGorder, son of Brian VanGorder (legendary hip hop mogul) decided to welcome the new offensive coordinator to South Bend. Well […]

Notre Dame Football Top Five: Lacrosse Bros

In an effort to somehow maintain our sanity while we wait for the 2015 football season to begin, Subway Domer is going on a suicide mission. Instead of yet another profile / prediction / eulogy / gushfest over the roster, we will instead use this time to go through the entire roster with the use […]