Notre Dame’s 2015 Shamrock Series Uniforms Aren’t For Everyone

It’s like we almost forgot this was coming without a “swatchdimageown” to warn us. Yes folks, the 2015 Shamrock Series uniforms for Notre Dame are here- AND THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL!

You can say whatever it is you like about these uniforms. I love them- in fact, I consider these to be the 2nd best all-time alternate uniforms for the Irish. The only ones that top them are the all white uniforms from 2013.

Yes, say anything you like about these uniforms. It’s okay to have an opinion- but your opinion that the Irish shouldn’t wear these uniforms because “we’re Notre Dame,” is the silliest shit ever.

This is for ONE game, and it’s a game away from South Bend. Your precious tradition of the blue and gold in Notre Dame Stadium is still well intact. I suppose a “traditionalist” should also despise that there are 12 regular season games as opposed to the Holtzian 11. So, I surmise that this is a throw away game as far as the uniforms are concerned.

This has been going on for quite some time now and I highly doubt it will be going away any time soon. Keep your head up old man (or deranged young man) the traditional uniforms will be used 11 other games- maybe even 13 more games.

I understand that you may hate them, but please understand that while you do, I wish I could wear them while mowing my yard, or raking leaves- shit I’d even wear these bad boys while swimming in my pool. They’re for fun. Remember that thing “fun”? It’s pretty awesome, and I suggest you try having some one of these days.

And by the way, if you want to see something even more fun, watch the players reactions in this video- not for the uniforms, but for the fact that a walk-on just earned a scholarship and saved his parents an enormous chunk of change. SO MUCH FUN!!!

IMG 6623 from Notre Dame Football on Vimeo.

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