The All-Davieham Team… Part 1 Offense

– Things need a little lightening up around NDNation. I realize that even the slight utterance of Bob Davie and Tyrone Willingham has the opposite effect. However, many of the players on these 2 buffoon’s teams are quite loved and respected. To honor these players and to change the topic around the blogosphere (recruiting, depth […]

And In This Corner…

The hot topic for Irish fans over the past two weeks has been Omar Hunter’s last minute decision to continue testing the college waters, or in this case the Florida swampland, and Mike Martin has surfaced as a legitimate back-up plan in the event that Hunter does choose Florida. The debate about who is the […]

Fixing College Football

Yesterday I was in the car on the way home from work and was listening to ESPN radio. It was the Colin Cowherd show with some host (his name escapes me at the moment) filling in for Colin. The topic was How to fix college football. The premise was designed to get listeners to call […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. Thank-you for taking the time to read Subway Domer. Celebrate with fervor and be kind to those who have less. Merry Christmas and Go Irish!

Bowling Starts

First Bowl game of the season is tonight! I didn’t have time to put a preview together, but I do have a prediction… UTAH VS. NAVY I am rooting for the Midshipmen, but my gut is saying Utah all the way. Word of the day: Gut Pile!

O’ Mar Gawd

. . A lot of Internet chatter has been going on about Notre Dame’s verbal commit Omar Hunter. If you follow recruiting as closely as I than you know that Omar is perhaps… looking elsewhere. Here is The Subway Domer thoughts on Omar and some half witted insight about the rumors around the web… Omar […]

Nevin’s 2007 “Highlight” Video

After a 3-9 season, there is a lot to be concerned about. However, with the amount of young guys in this video making big plays, look out for ND because the Fighting Irish will be back. Thanks to Nevin O’Donnell for his hard work in putting this together.

Trevor Robinson Turns His Back On Nebraska…

It is done. Yesterday Trevor Robinson, 6’6″ 306 lbs. offensive lineman from Elkhorn Nebraska, committed to Charlie Weis and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Trevor is the 22nd verbal commitment for Notre Dame and is a very welcome addition to a young offensive line in need of depth. He will also be an Early […]

Quick Recruiting Tidbit

Weis has recently stated that ND could take as many as 27 commits for the 2008 incoming class. This is quite a lofty number considering the Irish have 21 commits right now with 2 months until National Signing Day. That means that there are 6 recruits that Weis is strongly recruiting. Most we have known […]

Subway Domer Bowl Bonanza

It’s that time of year everyone. Bowl season. Sign-up today at on their Bowl Mania link. I am in a Private group. Name: Subway Domer Bonanza Pass: weis Go ahead and give it a shot. You could win a free Subway Domer T-Shirt or at least a shirt that makes fun of Pete Carroll […]

Subway Domer Turns 1

Subway Domer turned 1 this week. It is only fitting that I am late with my own congratulatory. I would like to thank OC Domer, Sir John of Domer Domain, Ryan at NDLNA, and Mike Frank at Irish Eyes. They have allowed me to pimp my site freely and I have established a very nice […]

What Now?

This seems a lot like the banishment of Adam and Eve from Eden. No more Irish football. You think I’m being a little too dramatic? Perhaps, but even after a disaster season such as the 2007 season was, I will still miss the Irish playing as much as I miss anything that I love. But […]

I Hate Tree Huggers

I don’t like hippies. Especially Tree Hugging, cheating, drum circle loving, Cardinal hippies. It is a shame the Irish couldn’t beat them 100-0. That still, would not be enough to quench my blood lust for the extinction of all hippies. They do have good grass however. Here are my final thoughts on the final game […]

Jason King of Yahoo

King wrote a pretty fair article about the season and Weis. Take the time and give it a read. LINKLINKLINKLINKLINK

Off The Top Of My Skull

So I know this may be a little late for a Duke recap, but I will give it a shot anyhow. Things suddenly seemed bright and cheery after the win Saturday, but alas this season of infamy rolls on. Here are some thoughts on the Duke game and various other things… That was as dead […]

NDNation Vent…Zahm Is On Notice

I saw this on NDNation and needed to share it with everyone. LINKLINK I’ve often thought that I should send an annual letter to the ObserverIn it I would simply offer brief, real-life rebukes to all the recycled douchebaggery that manifests itself in the viewpoint section of the Observer. For example, this year’s might read: […]

Things Are Getting Weird In South Bend

So bad, pregnant men roam the sidelines in Notre Dame Stadium. This is the most messed up college football season… ever. Don’t believe me? Just go look at the BCS standings and get back to me. I’ll wait. Looks a little strange doesn’t it. Add that to being a Fighting Irish Football fanatic and my […]