Year in Review: The Best of 2012

  Well, 2012 turned out to be a pretty good year, huh?  The pure awesomeness of 2012 was really put in perspective when I decided to comb the SubwayDomer archives. For all the current euphoria around the program, that was definitely not the feeling when 2012 kicked off.  They say that whatever doesn't kill you makes […]

Rainbows & Pegasus: The Shirts

Hey friends! Do you love the artwork of Kelly Bloor aka @phillykelly? Yeah, I thought so. Because of that, you can now wear her amazing artwork on a shirt for all to see.  GET THEM NOW. Click on the image below to order.

More Epic Art

The great and awesome thing about legends and epics, is that they inspire so many pieces of art depicting the same event, but in a much different style.  The following comes from Subway Domer Twitter follower

Irish Blogger Gathering: Marching To Miami

Welcome to the Irish Blogger Gathering on Subway Domer. Friends, we are getting damn close to the National Championship Game against Alabama. With that, the IBG is back a=in session this weekend, and will return one more time next week.  For this week's installment, I had the honor to ask Josh Flynt with Strong & […]

Notre Dame vs Alabama: The Clash Of The Titans

The 2013 BCS National Championship game is no ordinary title game. That's not to say that these title games are ever really ordinary, but let's face it… Oregon vs Auburn is no Notre Dame vs Alabama- and it never will be. No, this is a championship game that is not only for the title of […]

Fighting To Be More Of A Magnificent Bastard

If you look up the phrase Magnificent Bastard in the dictionary, I have no doubt that thoughts and images of your Warlord and Emperor would come to mind. And while I fashion myself that way, it is only after my own due diligence to be so damn magnificent.  Looking for more ways to be the […]

Subway Domer’s Recruiting Notebook: Tales From The Dead Period

As I open this recruiting notebook and prepare to spin a tale for all of you Notre Dame recruiting nuts, I can't help but think what a difference winning makes for recruiting. As obvious as that sounds, it doesn't do the process justice. This 2013 recruiting class has been very tight and despite the Mattingly […]

Twittermania: A Month Of #NDFB Tweets

Welcome to a special edition of Twittermania. Friends, your Emperor has been somewhat of an absentee landlord this past month. Oh, I suppose I could give you a long list of reasons why, but I'm the Warlord in this relationship- so fuck off. The race continues. Who will be crowned as the next champion? This […]

The Notre Dame 2012 Season In Epic Video

Here is Notre Dame's 2012 football season in video form- in EPIC video form via Youtube user smeyers528. Why so EPIC? Well, the video is 35 minutes long and it's soundtrack will have you ready to fight a war, fall in love, and become the hero of all mankind. Enjoy:

Subway Domer’s Recruiting Notebook: Greg Bryant Is Irish

Five star Greg Bryant from Florida, the number two running back in the country according to Rivals, has committed to Notre Dame after his official visit to the Irish this past weekend. Greg Bryant Sr. confirms with me that his son Greg Bryant has committed to Notre Dame.… via @

My Heisman Disillusionment

Another Heisman Trophy presentation has come and gone, and here I sit just a little more disillusioned than ever before. This goes far beyond just "sour grapes" for me. How does this happen every year? Why do we as college football fans put up with the same bullshit year in and year out? If defense […]

Manti Te’o Wins The Lombardi Award

Manti Te'o strengthens his case as being one of the greatest Notre Dame players in history, as he wins another award- this time it's the Lombardi Award.  Let's take count of Manti's major honors thus far: Butkus Award Bednarik Award Nagurski Award Lombardi Award JUST GIVE THIS MAN THE HEISMAN Y'ALL!!! As if it really […]

Tyler Eifert Wins John Mackey Award For Nations Best Tight End

Tyler Eifert Wins The 2012 John Mackey Award Bethpage, N.Y. (December 5, 2012) – *OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE* The Nassau County Sports Commission, sponsored by Briarcliffe College, has announced Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame as the 2012 John Mackey Award recipient. The John Mackey Award trophy will be presented to Eifert on December 6, 2012, LIVE […]

Fuck Bama, The Shirt

There have been a lot of shirts put out on the market recently for this Notre Dame vs Alabama game. For me, they are just a little too damn cute. I'm not a big fan of cute. Fuck cute.  Still, I can't hate on anyone's taste as I could be considered by some as, wait […]