Fighting To Be More Of A Magnificent Bastard

If you look up the phrase Magnificent Bastard in the dictionary, I have no doubt that thoughts and images of your Warlord and Emperor would come to mind. And while I fashion myself that way, it is only after my own due diligence to be so damn magnificent. 

Looking for more ways to be the same? I have several suggestions- and although you may have heard them before, I can assure you that my stamp of HELLS YEAH is now officially on them. 

Let's take a look

proud to be nd

You love Notre Dame- ADMIT IT. Equally so, you must be very proud of Notre Dame. Here is an opportunity to be rewarded for that pride. Go to Proud To Be ND and sign up. For those that do, an email will be sent on January 2 with a link to Notre Dame's brand new television spot to be shown during the BCS Championship game. There are also a nice selection of free screensavers. Might I recommend the Irish Guard?…

Now that I have your attention, I want to remind you of a very nice website called The Daily Domer. This is where your magnificence will help take shape. If you love the University and all of its dealings, this website offers a wide array of stories that covers not just athletics, but everything ND. Widen your scope & you widen your heart. 

notre dame app

Now for something really fucking badass. Got an iPad? Cool, and if not… here's your best new reason to get one before the BCS Championship game. You can get this technological terror HERE at the iTunes store. 

Now, go forth and be more badass. Be more like me, your Magnificent Warlord and Emperor.

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Warlord and Emperor of the Subway Alumni... also, I do this "dad" thing pretty damn well.