Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! And if you somehow missed last nights game, here are a few highlights…

A Golden Shower

I can’t believe porn is now acceptable on basic cable. ESPN must be desperate for ratings.

The Hawai’i Bowl: Hawai’i. December 24, 2008

Welcome to the Hawai’i Bowl Anti-Preview for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Hawai’i Warriors. (Whatever happened to the Rainbows?) It’s going to be deep into Christmas Eve for the mainlanders by the time the game kicks off at 8 pm EST, and Irish fans are looking for a big present from the team […]

Mike Haywood Miami (OH) New Head Coach

Per Joe Schaad at ESPN, Mike Haywood is the new Head Coach at Miami of Ohio. I’ll have more later. Miami of Ohio will name Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Haywood as its head coach on Tuesday, sources familiar with the situation said. The hiring of Haywood will bring the number of African-American football coaches […]

Irish Blogger Gathering… Pig Blood, Urban Meyer, and the Hawai’i Bowl

As the bowl games draws ever so near, The Subway Domer jumps back into the Irish Blogger Gathering to answer the Polynesian flavored questions set forth by Neil at Domer Law Blog. Hele mei hoohiwahiwa. There has been some controversy about the Irish accepting a Christmas Eve bowl bid, as we are a Catholic institution, […]

Bagpipe Monday… Christmas Week

Last week I asked you how many bowl games that you were going to watch this bowl season. 48% said 5 or more 23% said 15 or more 11% said 25 or more 11% said only the Hawai’i Bowl (that’s sad- really sad) 7% said they were going to watch ALL of them I have […]

Remember This Guy?

I posted in an earlier Link-O-Rama about the Michigan fan that was selling his fanhood to the highest bidder on The deed is done, and now there is one less skunkbear fan to deal with. At least the chicks are hotter.

Link-O-Rama 12/18

It’s time to throw your calender out and rearrange the week. It’s not Friday- it’s Sunday. Blasphemy you say? Hardly. If the Hawai’i Bowl was played on a Saturday- then today would be Sunday. It’s Outback Math. Anyways- here’s a few links to keep you occupied: The Blue-Gray Sky has an Irish Bowl quiz. Take […]

Hitler Is A Notre Dame Fan?

I don’t know where this originated, but I saw it posted at on Rock’s House. Even if you’re a Weis supporter, I guarantee that you will laugh. This was also the same basis for a few other college football movies.

The Subway Domer Awards 2008

The ballots are in, and it is time to announce the winners of this years Subway Domer Awards. The Darius Walker Trophy.The Darius Walker Trophy goes to the ND freshman that, like Walker in 2004, contributes greatly to the team at large and goes on to a very productive freshman year. The winner is… Michael […]

Will Yeatman To Transfer

It’s not quite official, but The Journal-Gazette is reporting that Notre Dame tight end Will Yeatman will transfer from Notre Dame. Although no school was mentioned in the article, rumors have surrounded this situation for about a week now. Most of those rumors have Will transferring to North Carolina to play both football and lacrosse. […]

Bagpipe Monday… The Season Keeps Marching On

Last week I asked you to get Charlie Weis a Christmas present. Of the choices given, you voted and are now heard. 48% wanted to give Weis an offensive line coach. 25% wanted to give Weis Manti Te’o. 12% wanted to buy Weis’s contract out and give him a vacation. 10% wanted to buy Weis […]

Link-O-Rama 12/13

Since news is kind of scarce and time is a hot commodity during the holiday season, I will give you a small list of Links that you need to check out. Charlie Weis is a tough bastard. So tough, that he probably damaged his other knee himself. Now 2 surgeries await Chuck. Her Loyal Sons […]

A Bunch Of Assholes

I sat in the Notre Dame student body for 3 years, and never saw any of this shit- even when Demetrius Jones made an appearance. This guy looks a lot like Eric from The Subway Alumni Show.

The Subway Domer Awards Ballot

Here is your chance to let your voice be heard and contribute to your favorite Irish Blog (No, not Blue-Gray Sky). Vote until 12 AM Tuesday and then I will post the award winners along with the yet-to-be-named trophy that each candidate has won. 20 categories- 20 Winners. Better get started. Quizzes by