Subway Domer Bowl Pick-Em

Go sign up at on their College Football Bowl Mania Link. The group is a private group. Groupname: Subway Domer Pick-Em Password: zorich Please e-mail me if you have any issues signing up. Keep in mind that the winner of this challenge will have their choice of the following t-shirts.

What The Hell Just Happened?

I realize that a lot of news just broke about the Notre Dame Football program. I also realize that I was very short with my posts about both the Bowl news and the new commit. These both need to be addressed and commented on- and I don’t feel like painting the baby room yet. So […]

Blogpoll Draft Ballot Week 15

Rank Team Delta 1 Florida 2 2 Oklahoma — 3 Texas 1 4 Southern Cal 1 5 Alabama 4 6 Utah — 7 Texas Tech — 8 Boise State — 9 Penn State — 10 Ohio State 2 11 TCU 2 12 Cincinnati 2 13 Oregon 5 14 Georgia Tech 5 15 Oklahoma State 5 […]

Bagpipe Monday… Deck The Halls

After a week off from the weekly pipes and poll, Subway Domer is back with more silly shit for your Monday morning. The poll from 2 weeks ago asked “If ND wins the Sun Bowl, is the 2008 season a success?” Well, the Irish aren’t heading to the Sun Bowl and maybe it doesn’t matter […]

An Irish Luau

Notre dame is only an NCAA blessing away from going to the Hawaii Bowl to face the University of Hawaii. LINK I’ll have more on this story tomorrow.

Jordan Cowart Is Irish?

Notre Dame got a new commitment this weekend, but it wasn’t a name most fans are familiar with. Jordan Cowart is coming to South Bend. Jordan is a one star center from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Florida (same school as Wenger, Young, and Turk). But Notre Dame is not looking for him to […]

Blogpoll Top 25 Week 14… Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to post all of this stuff after the Dellocalypse this week. First things first. Here is my ballot entry from earlier this week. (A morning spent at my Mom’s): Rank Team Delta 1 Alabama — 2 Oklahoma — 3 Florida — 4 Texas — 5 Southern Cal — 6 Utah — 7 […]

Meal Time

This weekend is Notre Dame’s annual end-of-season banquet. This is the time to honor the players and give another memory for the seniors to depart with as they finish up their Fighting Irish career. But, there is also another reason that historically has been the keystone of the program. Before the Internet age and high […]

Things That Suck, Weis, And The Future

Two words. Fuck Dell. OK, maybe it’s not entirely Dell’s fault this time, but their products are built to break down. I finally have my computer up and running and I’m ready to start posting again- but what about? This week has knocked me off of my rhythm and has put a damper on next […]

This Is Bullshit

My awesome, Dell bought computer, has crashed for the 3rd time in 2 years. I should have it back up and running before the end of the week, and I will post more psychotic babble then. Weis will still be the coach until then, so no biggie. I’ll have something on Weis, the USC game, […]

Southern Cal. November 29, 2008

Welcome to the last Anti-Preview for the Fighting Irish in this regular season. It has been a very up and down year for the Irish, and they are looking to salvage a season with an improbable victory against our greatest rival. With most of the talk this week being about Coach Weis and his future […]

Something For Everybody

You may, or may not, have noticed a new widget on the site. It’s a video widget called FanDome. There is also a website that this widget comes from called Irish FanDome. It is a very well put together site that has oodles of videos and information on Notre Dame and it’s mother site covers […]

Blogpoll Final Ballot Week 14

Rank Team Delta 1 Alabama 1 2 Oklahoma 3 3 Florida — 4 Texas — 5 Southern Cal 1 6 Utah 1 7 Texas Tech 6 8 Boise State — 9 Penn State — 10 Oklahoma State — 11 Ball State — 12 Ohio State — 13 TCU 2 14 Cincinnati 2 15 Missouri 2 […]

Don’t Worry, I Gotcha

In my last “Hangover” post, I promised you a list. I’m very good with making lists of things- whatever they are. I am, however, a huge procrastinator and have a hard time staying motivated. This isn’t the case this time. I have started the lists and I am making pretty good headway with them. Most […]