Blogpoll Final Ballot Week 14

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Oklahoma 3
3 Florida
4 Texas
5 Southern Cal 1
6 Utah 1
7 Texas Tech 6
8 Boise State
9 Penn State
10 Oklahoma State
11 Ball State
12 Ohio State
13 TCU 2
14 Cincinnati 2
15 Missouri 2
16 Oregon State 3
17 Georgia 3
18 Oregon 5
19 Georgia Tech 7
20 Boston College 5
21 Florida State 5
22 Michigan State 9
23 Brigham Young 5
24 Northwestern 2
25 Mississippi 1

Dropped Out: Pittsburgh (#14), Maryland (#21), North Carolina (#22), Miami (Florida) (#24).
#1 – #5
  • Alabama moves up to the top spot after a week of eating cheeseburgers and doing nothing.
  • Oklahoma looks like the real deal (always do in mid-November) after an ass-whooping on Texas Tech.
  • Florida beats up on The Citadel, while Texas gets jumped. Texas beat Oklahoma, but once Oklahoma beat TT and put us in a 3 way circle jerk- I take the team that looks the best right now and rank them higher.
  • Southern Cal moves up another spot while plotting to somehow keep Charlie Weis as the coach of ND while still kicking the shit out of them. Dicks.

#6 – #10

  • Utah climbs another spot and inches closer to the top 5.
  • Texas Tech lands softly at #7 for its overall body of work and not further down because of a straight up ass pounding that it just took.
  • Boise State, Penn State, and Oklahoma State all stay firmly planted in their top 10 status from the week prior.

#11 – #15

  • Ball State and Ohio State stay at their #11 and #12 spots respectively. Yes. I have Ball State ranked ahead of Ohio State. BSU is undefeated while OSU has two losses. Deal with it. Win your games.
  • TCU starts off the 2 spot movers due to some dropouts at #13. Good defense.
  • Cincinnati may be off to the Orange Bowl. Let me say that again. Cincinnati may be off to the Orange Bowl after a victory over Pitt. A win over Syracuse next week would give Cincy its first Big East Football Championship and its first BCS appearance.
  • Missouri creeps up closer back to the top ten. It awaits an opponent for the Big 12 title game with a Rivalry Game versus Kansas this week.

#16 – #20

  • Oregon State is proving that it’s fluke victory over USc has some validation and might even win the Pac-10 with a victory this week. Solid team that I probably have underranked. That Penn State game was terrible.
  • Georgia inches closer to respectability in my eyes. A showdown with in state rival Georgia Tech could put them in good shape for a BCS berth. But wasn’t this team blown out twice this year? #17 is a good fit.
  • Oregon looks to play major spoiler this week in the Civil War against OSU. The Ducks have been playing abovetheir pay grade. Another good job by Mike Belloti.
  • Georgia Tech is a big mover here at #19 coming out of the “other votes” category and climbing 7 spots. That Miami beatdown was fun to watch. Style points for a non-game that was a great game to watch.
  • Boston College keeps winning in spite of itself.

#21 – #25

  • Florida State was incorrectly unranked last week as well. They beat a good Maryland team and voila- #21.
  • Michigan State drops a bunch to #22 after the beatdown Penn State gave them. They are still Top 25 worthy as long as they still have Ringer.
  • BYU drops quite a bit after getting handled by Utah. A far cry from the BCS crasher that everyone hoped they would be.
  • Northwestern shows back up in the top 25.
  • WELCOME OLE MISS! Their first moment in my top 25 must feel special. Or, they are still riding the high of beating Florida weeks ago. Doesn’t matter. The team is legit, I just wish that they had one less loss.

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