Irish Pick Apart Canes In 33-17 Victory

Of all of the hype and hoopla coming into the Sun Bowl with Notre Dame and Miami, the one thing that actually pertained to the game itself that scared Irish fans, was the Miami secondary. This Hurricane team had the #2 ranked pass efficiency defense in the country coming into the bowl game. Tommy Rees […]

The Anti-Preview: Sun Bowl. Miami. December 31, 2010

Hey everyone, it’s the Anti-Preview; live and in full color, ready to smack the shit out of your lazy asses. Well, maybe just my lazy ass. The bowl game has finally arrived, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Some fans were disappointed with the Champs Sports Bowl decision to take a pass […]

Irish Cut Down Georgetown, 69-55, In Big East Opener

Editor’s note: Tom King is the owner and lead writer of Slap The Sign, a Notre Dame blog from the Fanside Network. Tom has agreed to help cover Fighting Irish Basketball for Subway Domer. Football or basketball, it doesn’t matter– the Irish are winning with defense nowadays. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish stymied No.9 Georgetown’s […]

Irish Blogger Gathering: Viagra-Swilling Circus Clowns

The Brawling Hibernian slams his answers down on the desk and takes a bite out of my apple. What is your biggest “FEAR” going into the bowl game? Like most right-minded people, it’s viagra-swilling circus clowns with active libidos and low standards becoming our overlords.  Beyond that, though, I’d have to say Notre Dame’s inability […]

Irish Blogger Gathering: An Interactive 3D Sun Bowl Event

Welcome to the final edition of The Irish Blogger Gathering for 2010. Your Mega-Administrator has done yet another poor job of communicating during the holiday season. It’s a good thing I don’t get paid for this- I might find myself unemployed for the 2011 season. Anyways, for this IBG, I am calling on all Irish […]

Notre Dame’s Haka VS. The Offspring of Jodeci

So, I guess the Sun Bowl had a “talent show” showdown between players from Notre Dame and Miami last night. Watch, as the Irish Polynesian trio of Te’o, Utupo, and Schwenke bust out the Haka, against Cane linebacker, Jimmy Gaines’ version of The Christmas Song:

Bagpipe Monday: And, We’re Back

Hey, it’s game week motherfuckers! It seems like an eternity has passed since we last saw the Fighting Irish on the field. And what a game th- OVER.  Oh, we’re back, but it’s time to move on. Miami. Those super fast underachievers from the Sunshine State. For as much shit as Notre Dame has took […]

Notre Dame & Oversigning Recruits

Recently on ESPN’s Outside The Lines, they reported on the practice of “over-signing” when it comes to recruiting in major college football. It was an excellent piece, and if you haven’t seen it, please take a moment and watch it right now… I’ll wait: If you have followed recruiting in the past 5 years, none […]

Bagpipe Monday: Overture

Welcome to another Bagpipe Monday on Subway Domer. As you may have already noticed- or are just noticing now as I tell it to you, Subway Domer has made some site upgrades this week. Nothing too crazy, but enough to make it look like I know what I am doing. (Those that know me, know […]

That’s What Scorpions Do! THEY STING FROGS!!!

Some of the Notre Dame players and coaches were interviewed the other day. During one of those interviews, Manti Te’o tells us a story about Bob Diaco, and his skill at using parables to teach the Irish defense to destroy all of those in their path.   Here are more of those interviews, as well […]

Bowls, Credit, And Love

I didn’t watch it. I DVR’d it, but I had better things to do. Funny, how that happens sometimes, when you know, that you are being fed a bunch of bullshit without out even being offered a small glass of water to wash it down. I’m talking about ESPN’s Bowl Mania special. Usually, my anticipation […]

Bagpipe Monday: You Are Invited To Eat Subway Domer Bowlagna

Alright kiddos, I don’t have a whole lot this week, as Christmas is creeping up on me like a bad hangover from drinking too much Canadian Mist. I do have a special invite for all of you, that involves skill, luck, and to be quite honest- a whole lot of Mayan blood lust. That’s right, […]

Irish Drop Bombs On Gonzaga In 83-79 Victory

Editor’s note: Tom King is the owner and lead writer of Slap The Sign, a Notre Dame blog from the Fanside Network. Tom has agreed to help cover Fighting Irish Basketball for Subway Domer.  Home sweet home. There’s a saying home is where the heart is, but for the Irish, home is where the jumpers […]

Bloguin Heisman Poll: Final ballot

The final week for the Heisman voting has come and gone. In my first year of Heisman prognostication, I’m pretty sure I am going to hit the nail on the head in predicting the winner. Thank you Cam Newton. For all the allegations of cheating and stealing and what not, Cam was the best athlete […]