Bagpipe Monday: You Are Invited To Eat Subway Domer Bowlagna

bagpipe monday
Alright kiddos, I don’t have a whole lot this week, as Christmas is creeping up on me like a bad hangover from drinking too much Canadian Mist. I do have a special invite for all of you, that involves skill, luck, and to be quite honest- a whole lot of Mayan blood lust.

That’s right, it’s the Subway Domer Bowlagna Challenge.

It’s quite simple. Go to ESPN’s Bowl Mania front page and search the group name: Subway Domer Bowlagna.  

The password is: Holtz

Winner will get a free Subway Domer t-shirt… so you know you want to.

Before we get to the pipes, here is a video that was sent to me by a Subway Domer reader, “D.” Thanks D, and holla! 

Don’t forget to vote in this weeks poll, and enjoy the pipes!

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