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Everett Golson Is RISING For The Heisman

It took only three good games to get Golson’s name on the tip of every tongue for the Heisman Trophy. If only Beano Cook was still alive! Seriously, there is a lot of football to go, but Everett Golson is making EVLIEVERS out of a lot of folks. The lead up is simple… continue to […]


Bagpipe Monday: Healing

Were you nervous? It’s okay if you were, because I was throwing crowbars out of frustration. Notre Dame’s defensive backfield is thin- like The Subway Domer high school freshman thin ( I weighed 95 pounds). Coming into the game, the Irish were already lacking KeiVarae Russell, Eilar Hardy, and Austin Collinsworth. The first two to […]

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VICTORY: Notre Dame 30, Purdue 14

Notre Dame escaped the sixth edition of the Shamrock Series against Purdue with a 30-14 victory. It’s a good thing Everett Golson is a magician. The Fighting Irish were riding high after that historic and gratifying 31-0 shutout over Michigan, and perhaps they used up a little more mojo than any Irish fan wanted to […]

antipreview 2014

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Purdue

Hey… it’s the Anti-Preview. Look, I’m not going to bullshit you here- I’ve been drinking. So, this thing is going to be slightly abbreviated. I suppose this is the best week for this speed reading version. After all, this is Purdue week. If it wasn’t for the Shamrock Series and shiny new uniformzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PURDUE This […]

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Irish Blogger Gathering: Boiling Shamrocks

Welcome to the IBG y’all! It seems like everyone is trying to get back into the groove of things after that dominant performance against Michigan last Saturday night. The Irish hit the road for the now annual Shamrock Series game to play the last game of the annual series against Purdue. The Scroll of Answers: […]


The Michigan Hangover

I’m not going to pretend that this article finds you lacking for information and insight from the 31-0 Notre Dame victory over Michigan on Saturday. It’s early Wednesday evening , and most of you have already had your fill. Still, I feel compelled to share some thoughts with all of you before we move on […]

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IRISH BLOGGER GATHERING: I Strongly Dislike Michigan

Yeah… I’m back on the beat. It’s fairly late on Thursday so I’ll save you from the normal lead in to a post of this nature. If you really need it, please check out Her Loyal Sons and their intro (it’s all about delegation). LET’S IBG THIS THING BRO… Frank Vitovitch, UHND: What must the […]

antipreview 2014

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Michigan

There’s a change in the wind. Honorable Notre Dame opened up the season at home with a convincing ass-whooping over the Rice Owls. 1-0 with room to spare is the best way to start the season, no matter who the opponent might be. Things get a little different this week with an old and familiar […]


The Rice Hangover

There were dark clouds on the horizon when Rice kicked off to Notre Dame to start the 2014 season, both in the sky, and surrounding the program after an academic fraud investigation saw five players suspended for this game. Regardless, Notre Dame looked impervious and acted and played like they had a huge stash of […]


Bagpipe Monday: Unfinished Business

This is it. This is the last “Michigan Hate Week” that Notre Dame will have for a very long time. Please forgive me if I don’t shed any tears. It’s not that I don’t look forward to this game, it’s just that I really don’t care if it is ever played again. I’ll save the […]

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VICTORY: Notre Dame 48, Rice 17

Of all of the possible storylines that could have happened today in South Bend, the return of Everett Golson trumps them all. Today, Irish fans and college football fans around the country were put on notice as Golson’s return to the field after a year and a half away from football, was nothing less than […]


The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Rice

Welcome back to another season of Anti-Preview’s on Subway Domer. Sorry about last season you guys. You know… reasons and all that shit. But here we are at the dawn of the 2014 season. The offseason was going well and staying quiet until a just recently when this whole “academic fraud” thing popped up out […]


Bagpipe Monday: Resurrection Via Rice

Well, look at that. Bagpipe Monday has come back to Subway Domer after 2 years of playing the prodigal son. The feature was of the “weekly” nature for many years, but once the site gained a couple of handfuls of contributors, it was cautiously and respectfully put on the shelf. Before all of that, it […]

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Top 10 Notre Dame Football Alternate Uniforms Of All Time

Now that Notre Dame football has been making a yearly “changeup” to its football uniforms for almost a decade, it’s about time the Fighting Irish alternate uniforms get ranked. There is no one else more qualified to do this task than your truly, and I take this whole uniform business very seriously. Before we begin the […]