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Will Everett Golson Survive?

The 2014 season held so much promise for Notre Dame and for Everett Golson. That promise, and that hope saw a 6-1 start for the Irish. Within that span, Everett Golson played like a real candidate for the Heisman trophy. Yes, he had a few hiccups with turnovers, and he lost to Jameis Winston and […]

Subway Domer Podcast: Tis the Season Review

Your Emperor and Warlord (me) sent a royal messenger over to Wes AKA Irish Tightnes AKA Knute School Fool AKA KSF3000 to wake the hell up and break out the podcast machine. We had things to discuss. We made assumptions- I go off on a rant. It was fun y’all (kind of the opposite of […]

Notre Dame Bowl Troll

There is a very large number of Notre Dame fans that have expressed their opinion about Notre Dame’s bowl future. In fact, most of them want there to be no future. For whatever reason they may have, for them, it would be sacrilege for the Fighting Irish to go bowling in 2014. The reasons range […]

The Southern Cal Hangover

If you really sit back and think about it, Notre Dame’s 49-14 loss to Southern Cal was the only real way to end this season. The train-wreck needed a final explosion. Regardless of any opinion you may have about how this all happened, the fact is that Notre Dame got absolutely crushed by it’s rival […]

Trojan Blood

So it’s come to this. A season that, since August, has seen some of the biggest roller coaster like ups and downs that I have ever seen, is now spiraling downward on its final run. But, it’s not finished and that last turn is still unforeseeable. Notre Dame is sitting at 7-4 and for the […]

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Louisville

Crawling out of the darkness and into the light, the Anti-Preview is a reflection of the 2014 Notre Dame Football season. The Irish had a chance to make this season fairly respectable last week, but the overtime loss to Northwestern killed that dream. I’m fairly positive that a 10-2 Irish team would have been able […]

Irish Blogger Gathering: So Much Big Picture

Welcome to the IBG on Subway Domer. We are inching closer to the end of the regular season, and Ryan Ritter (HLS), Frank Vitovich (UHND), Mike Coffey (NDNation), and Aaron Horvath (ND Official) are itching to know how this all comes together. Let’s get this thing rolling… Frank (UHND): As Everett Golson’s turnover woes continue, how […]

Notre Dame Haiku: Volume IV

After a few weeks off for various reasons I’m ready to declare NOTRE DAME HAIKU as more of a “recurring feature” than a “weekly feature.” So… GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT Y’ALL!!! Here are my meager attempts. If you would like to add your own, please use the comment section below (keep scrolling) or you […]

Cause And Effect: The Code of 85

It didn’t take long for fans and media alike to start throwing gasoline on what some might consider the “dumpster fire” that Notre Dame’s 2014 season has become. There are no shortage of opinions on who or what is to blame for this 7-3 record with 3 of the last 4 games being losses and […]

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Notre Dame And The Inevitable

First off, I have to apologize for disappearing over the last few days. On Saturday, I really fucked my head up. Surprisingly enough, it had nothing to do with Notre Dame football ( I swear y’all). What I didn’t mention in that tweet, was that just an hour earlier, I had hit my head with […]

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame At Arizona State

Welcome to the Anti-Preview on Subway Domer. Friends, the Irish are 7-1 and losing more respect by the day. I want to lawyer this up, but I think we put way too much focus on this whole “national narrative” thing, and far too little attention to each game as it stands alone. The fun is […]

The Navy Hangover

There is certainly a lot that can be said about Notre Dame’s 49-39 victory over Navy at FedEx Field. Most of us, would rather forget most of what happened. It just wasn’t pretty, and even more so, it was painful. It was painful to watch the Irish squander most of its newly found respect across […]

Bagpipe Monday: A Perception Question

Outside of a loss, there is nothing more humbling to a football program than “escaping” with a win over a team when a “blowout” was what was needed. That exact thing happened to the Irish this weekend as they defeated Navy 49-39. With the point spread for the game being around 14 points, a 10 […]

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Navy

And so it seems… we are off to the races. We are also back to playing football. It seems like a lifetime ago when we saw Corey Robinson catch the game winning touchdown against Florida State, only to have it stolen away by, well- you know the story. The new College Football Playoff rankings were […]

Notre Dame Haiku: Volume III

VELCUM VELCUM TO YOUR VORST NIGHTMARES… HAPPY HALLOWEEN Y’ALL!!! I didn’t forget the ND Haiku feature this week- but I am at war with myself over how to administer this fun. Should I ask for submissions or do I wait? Do I put out a bunch of my own- or do I share the BOOM […]