Brian Smith’s Opportunity

Sitting here realizing that I only have one more opportunity to be a Notre Dame football player.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android

Opportunity. It’s a simple word, and one we use everyday. However, the magnitude in which we use that word is seldom as powerful as the way in which Brian Smith just used it in his tweet.

Brian Smith is a senior who has seen ups and many downs as a Notre Dame football player- just like many on the team right now. Although his play has been questioned by many fans over the past 3 years, his passion and love for the University and the football team has never been in doubt.

I love players like this, and I love what they bring to the table as they head into their last game of their college career. Brian Smith will leave EVERYTHING on the field on December 31st, much in the same way that he has throughout his time at Notre Dame, but more in the way that he has in the last quarter of this season.

Opportunity. He has the opportunity to help rewrite the future of Notre Dame football, after what was predicted by many others as a team on a steady and never-ending decline. He has the opportunity, and what’s more, is that he has the understanding of what that actually means. 

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