Stats For Kids

I saw a list of stats on an Irish message board from a poster with the handle: Norm91. He was trying to show how young this team really is this year. So I took it and turned it into a spreadsheet using my minimal spreadsheet skills. For your enjoyment:

The Syracuse Hangover

This will not be a long post. This will not contain a lot of insight or analysis of the game. (Not like these ever do anyways). Other people have done the work for me. The links are as follows: The House That Rock Built posted for the first time in over a month. He has […]

Blogpoll Draft Ballot, Week 13

Rank Team Delta 1 Alabama 1 2 Oklahoma 3 3 Florida — 4 Texas — 5 Southern Cal 1 6 Utah 1 7 Texas Tech 6 8 Boise State — 9 Penn State — 10 Oklahoma State — 11 Ball State — 12 Ohio State — 13 TCU 2 14 Cincinnati 2 15 Missouri 2 […]

Bagpipe Monday… Chariots of Fire

What a rough weekend. Motherfuckers. Ahh, the season is winding down and my blood pressure is breaking the automatic readers. Last weeks poll seemed obsolete to me at the time, because I thought the inevitable would happen and ND would beat the Orange and in doing so, would send the team packing for the Gator […]

Maurice Crum

I saw this on the Irish Illustrated board (poster: cfuentes) and thought everyone should see this. It’s a little story about Mo Crum, and I thought it would be very fitting for today as the fifth year senior closes out his Fighting Irish career at Notre Dame Stadium. In the aftermath of the 2005 USC […]

Syracuse. November 22, 2008

Welcome to the Anti-Preview for Syracuse. The Fighting Irish are finally bowl eligible after surviving a 27-21 game against the Naval Academy. The Irish won the game, but paid a price as two key members of the team were injured and will not be able to play the last two games of the season. Of […]

Irish Blogger Gathering: Spark It Up!

This weeks IBG is hosted by Three Guys In A Basement. 1. If you had the choice, which professional athlete would you rather be: A golfer on the PGA tour that hovers around 125-150 on the money list, a solid middle reliever in the MLB, a # 4 starter on an MLB team, a 10th […]

Orange Magic, An Interview

Earlier this week, I was contacted by the dominant Syracuse blog “Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician.” He was looking for a little Q&A, and I was more than willing to oblige. Here are my questions for Sean and the answers are provided as well. Cool how that works, huh. I have always considered Sean […]

Blogpolll Week 12 Final Ballot

Rank Team Delta 1 Texas Tech — 2 Alabama — 3 Florida — 4 Texas — 5 Oklahoma — 6 Southern Cal — 7 Utah — 8 Boise State — 9 Penn State — 10 Oklahoma State — 11 Ball State — 12 Ohio State — 13 Michigan State 1 14 Pittsburgh 1 15 TCU […]

Hey Everbody! We’re All Going To Get Leid!

In a recent post I stated that ND was not going to allow students to wear lei’s in support of a visiting recruit by providing a letter sent by the University. They had to write it. The lei’s are still on. The NCAA can’t do anything about it if ND doesn’t sanction the event. If […]

Link-O-Rama 11/18/08

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but after a day of surfing the web, I have a few links of interest to you all. Need that special Christmas present to give to a loved one? Look no farther than what this Michigan fan is willing to do for the current low bid […]

WARNING!!! Do Not Get Leid

Notre Dame is hosting mega 5 star linebacker Manti Te’o from Hawaii this week for the Syracuse game. There was a movement online to have thousands of fans wear lei’s in support of Te’o in the hopes of making the Hawaiian feel at home in South Bend Indiana. From what I gathered, everything was in […]

Blogpoll Roundtable: Potpourri Edition

This week’s Blogpoll Roundtable is hosted by 1. By now everyone has heard that if there is a three way tie in the Big 12 South the highest ranked team in the BCS will play in the Big 12 Championship Game. That means the humans (66% of the BCS Poll) will determine the Big […]

The Navy Hangover… I Overcame The Sea Sickness

Did you expect a different outcome? How many games in the history of Notre Dame VS. Navy ended up being a close game that the Irish somehow managed to survive in the last 15-20 years? More than we care to admit, and one less than we would have liked (2007). Toryan Smith. If you would […]

Blogpoll Week 12 Draft Ballot

Rank Team Delta 1 Texas Tech — 2 Alabama — 3 Florida — 4 Texas — 5 Oklahoma — 6 Southern Cal — 7 Utah — 8 Boise State — 9 Penn State — 10 Oklahoma State — 11 Ball State — 12 Ohio State — 13 Michigan State 1 14 Pittsburgh 1 15 TCU […]

Bagpipe Monday… Let’s Go Bowling

No matter what is said about this weekend the Fighting Irish are bowl eligible once again and are looking for a New Years Day game in the Gator Bowl. Last weeks poll asked what assistant coach needs replaced at seasons end. John Latina 75% Mike Haywood 18% Jappy Oliver 5% Brian Polian 2% Don’t forget […]

Shit. They’re out.

Brian Smith and Mike Floyd are gone for the season with knee sprains suffered in the win over Navy. They should be out 4 weeks with a return likely in the bowl game. (Per Weis presser).