Don’t Worry, I Gotcha

In my last “Hangover” post, I promised you a list. I’m very good with making lists of things- whatever they are. I am, however, a huge procrastinator and have a hard time staying motivated.

This isn’t the case this time.

I have started the lists and I am making pretty good headway with them. Most of the things will not be new if you read Subway Domer regularly. Some are.

I will be releasing these lists the week after the Southern Cal game. Publishing them now would make sense considering the sharks circling the waters, but the regular season is not over. I/we will have to wait until then.

BTW- I’m sure most of you have heard that Notre Dame has a good chance of not going to the Sun Bowl. They can’t get into a Big East bowl with a 6-6 record if all of the slots can be filled by the conference. They will be thrown into a pool of other 6-6 teams and most likely will fill in for a PAC-10, SEC, or Big 12 slot as these conferences may not fill their quota. These “other” bowls include:

  • Las Vegas Bowl VS. Mountain West
  • Poinsettia Bowl VS. Mountain West
  • Hawaii Bowl VS. WAC
  • Independence Bowl VS. Big12 / SEC
  • Bowl VS. Big East
  • Texas Bowl VS. Conference USA

There are probably a few others, but these are the ones that stood out to me. All of these would be for a fill in for the 3 conferences that I mentioned.

I don’t give a shit what Dick Vitale says about going to a lesser bowl (he thinks we should stay home). It’s basketball season and he should stick with that. I realize he has ties to ND, but his opinion of the program as it pertains to a bowl game means very little to me. We need to go. I am looking deeper into my comparison of the 2004 team. They sucked. They went to the Insight Bowl and got waxed by Oregon State. But, they got some very valuable practice time that I am sure helped them to an amazing season in 2005. So, without question- if we are invited we HAVE TO GO. I don’t care where, and I don’t care against who. With a huge amount of starters and key players coming back in 2008, the practice and bowl experience can be a vital thing for a program that will be looking to get back on the right track in 2008.

Enough. this was supposed to be just a quick update and a funny video. Here’s your video, but think of yourself as a fan who is close to driving off of a cliff after this last loss and chooses not to watch the U$C game. You just got the phone call after the game from your buddies:

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