Subway Domer’s “There Can Be Only One” College Football Pick-Em Final Results

The final results are in, and a winner has been declared. I smoked all of your asses, but since I am not eligible for a prize, I will list the top 10 without my dominant score of 534.

1. San Diego (454)
2. Shawnee St. (450)
4. Columbus St. (440)
6. IPFW (434)
7. Holy Cross (432)
8. Tiffin (428)
9. Mount Union (426)
10. Carroll (418)

Congratulations to Daniel (San Diego). Pick one of these shirts, and e-mail me your info:

I will have a Bowl Pick-Em contest for yet another T-Shirt. Details will be published with in the next few days.
Thanks For Playing & GO IRISH!!!

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