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So I know this may be a little late for a Duke recap, but I will give it a shot anyhow. Things suddenly seemed bright and cheery after the win Saturday, but alas this season of infamy rolls on. Here are some thoughts on the Duke game and various other things…

  • That was as dead of a crowd as I have ever been in attendance for at ND stadium. At least for most of the first half. I sat in the student body this year for every game I attended and it always seemed rowdy… except for that first half of Duke. I think we were all in a little bit of a shock that it was 0-0 for most of the half. Why? Because Duke is horrible and we seemed to play that way as well. But then a turnover sparks a TD that gave way for another turnover that created yet another TD. Push ups and pandemonium ensued.
  • More dropped balls. Our WR keep getting the ball in their hands and keep batting it down like it was a mutant mosquito. If Weis wants some pro help, he needs to figure a way for Brett Farve to drill passes at our WR from like 15 yards away. Either they die with a hole in their neck, or they catch the fucking ball. Or Weis might employ wrench throwing. “If you can catch a wrench, you can catch a football!”
  • ACC refs are a joke. Instead of pointing for a first down, Carlson should of pointed his fist into said referee’s head. Even in the final minutes, they just couldn’t let the teams play and finish it up. Flag.
  • Robert Hughes is a fucking TITAN. I will not let the fact that it was against Duke, discourage me from saying so. He looked the part of a very good running back. A smaller Bettis? Maybe, but a few of his runs reminded me of Reggie Brooks. His balance and determination are astounding. He needs to be our goal line back if Weis insists on using Aldridge, Allen, and Hughes in the rotation. If I see Travis Thomas lineup inside the five yard line against the Trees, I will just die inside knowing Bobby Hughes would score if they just gave him the god damn ball. I will say it again, Reggie Brooks (maybe a bit slower)…
  • Weis put the “Human Planet” Chris Stewart in at Tight End on numerous occasions, and ran away from his side. His belt is the Equator and wears the Tropic of Cancer as a necklace. Let the running backs follow his ass if he is out there.
  • Thank-You NBC for 14 hours of commercial breaks this season. I didn’t realize I was watching an infomercial. I thought they were football games.
  • Jimmy Clausen is looking more the part every week. It has been said a million times already this season, but if Clausen adds some bulk to his frame and more strength, he is going to be VERY good. Add some blocking and WR’s that catch a ball in their hands, and he is going to be just fine. Fuck it… Clausen for Heisman ’09.
  • I always see Brian Smith and Kerry Neal together during pregame. These two are taking a big role in our defense and will be beasts for years to come. I realize everyone is excited about the incoming LB’s, but these two aren’t going anywhere.
  • I will not say good-bye to the Seniors just yet. They still have 1 more game to go. I will say that Zibby at QB was just sweet. Like super sweet. It was only fitting that Thomas fumbled the ball away after he got the first down. Zibby was driving. And if the Duke coach didn’t like it… Fuck Duke!

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