I Hate Tree Huggers

I don’t like hippies. Especially Tree Hugging, cheating, drum circle loving, Cardinal hippies. It is a shame the Irish couldn’t beat them 100-0. That still, would not be enough to quench my blood lust for the extinction of all hippies. They do have good grass however.

Here are my final thoughts on the final game of the final season of losing for The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Run Bobby Run

What an amazing showcase Robert Hughes has put on these last 2 games. His display of vision, power, and determination keeps my prior comparison to Reggie Brooks viable. I could not help, however, as to sigh as he was caught from behind on the first run. Brooks would have took it to the house. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this kid and he has become perhaps my favorite player on offense (know where I can get a #33 jersey). He seems to have everything that Aldridge was supposed to have and is healthy. With all that has happened to him and his family these past months, it just amazing what he has accomplished. I can’t wait for the spring game to see how much he has improved during the off-season. One of the main areas of concentration should be his explosiveness. Top end speed is difficult to improve on, but getting to your top speed quicker is a very reachable goal. HUGHES!!!

Turn Over And Fry

Once again the Irish failed to hold on to the football. Their only saving grace was the fact that Standford’s kicking game looked like ours. Derek Belch went 0-4 for the game for the Cardinal. One turnover was an ill advised throw from Clausen and the other 3 were fumbles (one by Schwaap… more on that in a minute). Stanford only turned the ball over twice on interceptions. One of those resulted in a short Irish drive that was capped by a Jimmy Clausen TD run, his 2nd of the year, solidifying his spot as the teams third leading TD rusher after Thomas (5), and Hughes (4). Tommy Zbikowski nabbed his 2nd INT of the year with a nice one handed catch that looked like he would take into the end zone, until he slipped on the turf.

Piece of Schwaap

Once again Asaph Schwaap was given the ball 3 times and kept with his 1 yard average and of course fumbled it away. I have said it before on this site…

Asaph Schwaap has incriminating evidence against Weis. How else does he not only
get to start and play against AFA, but he had 3 carries and a screen pass
he was supposed to be on the receiving end of until the ball hit the
ground in
front of him. Horrible. His blocking has improved, but the calls
from the
faithful are chanting Luke Schmidt’s name. Maybe Robert Hughes
could get some
P.T. at FB. Try something better.

Something needs done about this.

Behold, The Mighty Slant

I just can not figure out why the Irish didn’t throw the slant more often this year. They finally threw one to Kamara for a nice completion with about 1:36 left in the first half for the first time in what I believe was 5 games. “Throw The Slant” should be the motto for the 2008 version of “The Shirt”. Timing is a big reason why this play works so well. That and man coverage. And defenses play a lot of man on the Irish because of how much they blitz against ND. This pattern needs to be one of the main focuses of improvement by Jimmy and the WR’s this off season. If ND can get this pattern going next year, watch out for a HUGE season from Duval Kamara and maybe even incoming recruit Michael Floyd, as they have the hands and body type for this type of play.

Harbaugh Is Nucking Futs

I figured Harbaugh to be a complete psycho after Pac-10 media day. And I knew he was an asshole because he is also a skunkbear. I didn’t know he was a TOTAL dick however. That was cemented after he put Pritchard back in at QB after 1. Pritchard was knocked senseless and limp by Lambert in the head. 2. Ostrander went out of the game. 3. After the medical staff took Pritchards helmet away and shut him down, Jim called upon his services despite looking as groggy as an early Mike Tyson victim. If I was Tavita Pritchards dad, I would have kicked Jims ass. The kid then got hit in the head again by Kerry Neal. It wasn’t that hard of a hit but you saw Tavita go limp when it happened. Harbaugh and his “staff” made this comment:

“He was asked a series of questions. The NFL and college football have an
evaluation process that takes place after a hit and he passed that test,”
Harbaugh said. “The doctors made the decision about two plays before T.C. took
the helmet on the elbow that he would be available. Before we put him back in
there, it was confirmed that he was available to go back in.”

Lying sack of crap.


In another amazing display of incompetence, the Pac-10 replay booth went clueless again. You all saw it and it has been the most talked about play of the game by the fans. David Grimes was completely robbed of a TD catch. Someone else put these pics together (I’d give credit but I took them from a message board without credit being applied to them)

Not only were there idiots in the booth, but on the field as well. Big East officials flagged Laws on the lateral touchdown run by Tommy Z for a personal foul. I still have not seen what he did. Maybe I’m wrong, but screw ’em.

Farewell Fifth-Years

This game marked the end of a few careers at ND. Most notably: Trevor Laws, Tom Zbikowski, Jon Carlson, and Joe Brockington. I will have a tribute to EACH 5th year senior on later postings from Subway Domer. Until then, Thank -you boys, for all you have given this University and its loyal fan base. Thank-you and we will miss you.

Random Thoughts

  • That was the worst playing surface I have seen in a while. And I was at 4 ND home games this year… so that’s saying something.
  • The progress Corwin Brown has made with the defense this year has been outstanding. If he can just get them to tackle. Back to basics boys.
  • Speaking of tackling, we should try to do that on kickoffs. Maybe we didn’t have enough chances to work on it this year. Punt coverage is kick ass however. Hmmm
  • The Stanford Axe Keyboard commercial left a puddle in my pants. Nerds.
  • Notre Dame finally won a trophy game.
  • Thank Jesus… Victory!

Ready for a long cold winter?

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