Notre Dame Adds A Fork In Campus Crossroads Project

The University of Notre Dame released some details to its Campus Crossroads project via the school’s website on Tuesday. Among the details listed:

  • Improvements to the Wi-Fi network within the stadium
  • Enhancements to the existing sound system within the stadium bowl
  • Renovation of restrooms and an increase in the number of women’s restrooms
  • Renovation of concession stands
  • Renovation of both the lower and upper concourses, including improved lighting, seating areas, enhanced signage and video monitors
  • Seating improvements will include the addition of vinyl-clad benches throughout the stadium, replacing the wood bench seats, as well as establishment of an 18-inch standard width for all bench seating.

All of those additions are pretty good deals, although I’m sure some can’t quite stomach the thought of the sound system. Cell reception is atrocious on gamedays, and the thought of using an improved Wi-Fi network to live tweet or check scores or skype the homies down in Cincinnati warms the soul.

For myself- it’s all fantastic. While I’d rather stand most of the game, and I would encourage all of you to do the same, I do appreciate the 18 inch space- it’s just a shame that I am broader in size and in ego than those 18 inches.


Above all else, Notre Dame finally admitted stated that they were installing a jumbotron video board. The renderings of the finished stadium suggested that this was a likely change as the south endzone showed a “scoreboard” while the north endzone had nothing. That’s exactly what they are planning. The north endzone will no longer have a scoreboard and it will allow a little more access to Touchdown Jesus (WHAT UP BRO?!).

What I didn’t expect, and what was never discussed on the message boards or social media, was the addition of ribbon boards along the east and west sidelines. That announcement kind of came out of nowhere, but if you think about it, that addition just coincides with what they are trying to do with the overall “experience” that the school is creating.

Sounds good to me.

Perhaps the most important statement for those that only see doom and gloom from this situation is that Notre Dame has affirmed its “NO ADVERTISING” policy for the screens (which sucks because I could have sworn that the FIDM team professed a blood oath to me that SUBWAY DOMER would flash for 10 seconds after every touchdown scored by a player with dreadlocks- bastards).

The most staunch traditionalist will never change their minds about all of the change surrounding the program and its facilities, and that is certainly their prerogative to do so. However… as it has been said countless times before, the great Knute Rockne was a progressive person and these changes would have most likely have happened many years earlier. It’s 2015 and this is what happens in America. Things change and things change. Maybe it isn’t for the better (like MLB expansion) and maybe it is (seat belts are AWESOME), but none of that really matters. Things… change.

I’ve been going to Notre Dame football games for 20 years. In that time, I have seen over 50 games inside the stadium (including EVERY game in 2007). The atmosphere is TRULY dictated on the quality of the team we are and the team we play. Nothing will ever change that fact. However, I welcome the changes and hope they provide a little more comfort for games like UMass (which will be the lone game for TSD this year #dadlife).

After all… it could have been much much worse more different.

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