The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Texas

And the LEGENDARY AntiPreview is back for another season. While the format is generally the same, there are some changes. Hopefully, as the Fighting Irish kickoff the 2015 season, we see a few more changes from them. No, I’m not talking about absolutely killer uniforms, or stadium music, or any other superficial agenda that we all love to discuss and debate. The change we should all hope to see, is that of living up to expectations. Notre Dame is expected by many to be a player for the college football playoffs. There are also many that are skeptical of the Irish and these expectations for the same reasons that have plagued the Irish for the past 25 years- they usually don’t live up to the hype.


texas-longhornWhile a lot of people think they have Texas figured out in year 2 of the Charlie Strong era, I’m not sold on knowing anything for certain. Sounds dumb- I know. We know that Tyrone Swoopes will be the Longhorn quarterback- and we know that he will be limited with the weapons surrounding him (outside of running back Jonathon Gray- but that offensive line isn’t very good).

We know that the defensive front 7 for Texas is pretty solid, but their secondary is quite young and inexperienced. We know that Charlie Strong is a good coach, but he is still in the early stages of this massive rebuilding project that is Texas.

Learn me- I lost half a brain watching this.


The Force

It’s called, “The Force.” There really isn’t much more to be said about its dominance with a name like that. The recipe comes from friend of Subway Domer (and a HUGE closet Notre Dame fan) Michael Felder AKA @InTheBleachers. This is what we do for home openers- we kick it with, “The Force.” Yep- it’s called tradition. Forget uniforms, turf preferences, or even fullbacks- this is what TRADITION really is.

natural light

We like to make ours in a Gatorade cooler, the type with the spout on the bottom so that there’s no dippage, I’m a germaphobe.

  • 24 cheap beers (Natural Light is our go to)
  • 1 half gallon cheap vodka (Aristocrat will do)
  • 1 19 oz Country Time Lemonade POWDER
  • *optional is a fifth of everclear (not suitable for freshman)
  • *suggested is frozen lemonade or fruit punch concentrate (ice without watering things down)

Pour the case of beer into the cooler, add the vodka, stir in the lemonade powder. We like to put frozen blocks of ice in ziploc bags to keep it cold but strong. I will warn you that everyone’s first experience ends badly. I passed out for the first half of the UNC-Rutgers game in 2006, woke up, everyone was at the game and I was still at the house.

It is delicious though, I’ve seen it called Moose Juice and Summer Beer as well.


This year we’re doing something different. Looking for answers? Sure- we all are. And what better way to find the answers you’re looking for than in church? Exactly, and that’s why every recipe for this years AntiPreviews will be from the St. Mary’s 1990 150th Anniversary cookbook. You’re welcome!


This spaced is reserved for this week’s best Haiku via the Notre Dame Haiku Challenge.


It’s going to be absolutely hot as all hell. So… might as well:

notre dame swim


ACross VS Poot


A tree way can be pretty awesome if done correctly, but if we’re talking about calling offensive plays for a football team… that shit needs to be done solo. I don’t quite understand the play calling dynamic of Kelly, Denbrock, and Sanford- but only one can should be on top. This should look like a much different offense this year 33% of the time, but that doesn’t mean we do a play call by committee.

Or maybe I got that wrong.


You’re motherfucking right a trophy for the winner of this never annual game got itself a trophy.


BUT WAIT YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE BEST PART!!!!! According to SOURCES Texas objected to the use of the Longhorn symbol and now the trophy is scrapped. Everything about this is odd and odder. Go figure.


TEMPE, AZ - NOVEMBER 08:  Safety Max Redfield #10 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish during the college football game against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Sun Devil Stadium on November 8, 2014 in Tempe, Arizona. The Sun Devils defeated the Fighting Irish 55-31.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Malik Zaire may have a ton of weapons at his disposal and many of them could be MVP material for this game, but to set this season off right- he HAS to be. I think he comes out with a ton of confidence, makes some plays, makes a few mistakes- AND KEEPS ON TRUCKING. The real game changer could come in the redzone where Notre Dame has been awful.

Max Redfield is looking for a little redemption from last year and by all accounts, he is ready to take that leap to “big time playa” this year. Swoopes can throw a pretty nice deep ball, so Redfield will have to play that over the top game as well as helping out with the running attack of the Longhorns. He gets it done- with some style points. (Hopefully those style points don’t include his patented late hit).


Despite a lot of the optimism surrounding the Notre Dame program and despite all of the doubt surrounding the Texas program, Notre Dame openers can be a funny thing. I expect the game to be uncomfortably close for the first 3 quarters, before Notre Dame finally wears the Horns down. 34-20 IRISH

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