The Texas Hangover

The Hangover has gone rogue. Normally, this post is filled with stats from the game that either make you fist pump the night away, or put your fist through a cardboard cutout of Joey Galloway.

imageNot this week. The lateness of the hour reminds me that we have all feasted on the complete awesomeness of Saturday night long enough. Our triumphant march must keep moving forward.

In light of all of that, I have decided to just share a thought I had late Tuesday night. (Or a half thought anyways). Never before have we as fans had so much access to a Notre Dame football team. If you add up Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Media videos, the Showtime series, all of the mainstream media coverage, and the Notre Dame Blogosphere… This might be the team that will never leave your head.

Imagine if Notre Dame makes the playoffs and wins one game or… OH MY GAWD AM I EVEN GOING TO SAY IT… wins the national title, you will feel almost as if you personally won it all too because we are all in so deep with this team. You love it- and we love you for it.

Still, we mustn’t forget that these are still college students and capable of as much OH WHAT THE FUCK as they are of HOLY SHIT DAMSHA BUA CJ PROSISE AND 80 YARDS OF BLAZING HOT HIGH STEPPING.

This really isn’t a warning. It’s just a random thought that needed sharing. So much is still unknown as we enter week 2 of the season, and chances are most of us already think we have a good idea how the next 12.

We hardly need to pay attention. It’s all right there.

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