VICTORY: Notre Dame 38, Texas 3

Notre Dame’s 38-3 dismantling of Texas was decisive and explosive. The Irish outgained Texas; 527 yards to 163 yards and the difference in those totals accurately depict what happened inside Notre Dame Stadium on a warm September night.

It wasn’t a perfect night. The team made mistakes in all 3 phases of the game, and on more than a few occasions we saw some of that summer rust.

However… The biggest X-factor of the game was Malik Zaire and his new role as THE starting quarterback. Malik was beautiful. He was gorgeous. He was as good as we have seen for one game. Yes, Texas has issues on both sides of the ball, but this wasn’t about what Texas couldn’t do- this was about what Malik Zaire could offer and what he did.

Zaire was an amazing 19-22 for 313 yards and 3 touchdowns. Zaire, “the running quarterback” added 16 yards on the ground as well. Malik was every bit the quarterback that we needed him to be, and because he was so “Malik” and didn’t even come close to turning the ball over, the Notre Dame offense was able to put forth a run / pass ratio that will make even the most old school of Irish fans’s eyes fill with tears of joy. It was 23 passes to 52 runs. It was hot.

Subway Domer will have much more in-depth coverage of this game in the upcoming Hangover post.

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