Bagpipe Monday: Improvement Needed

The pipes are blasting a happy tune this Monday after Notre Dame’s 38-3 thrashing of Texas. In fact- we are all down right giddy at the prospect of just how good this Fighting Irish team might actually be this year. It was a thorough beatdown of a Texas team that was clearly outmatched and still obviously a work in progress (to be kind).

Having said all that, it would be impossible to say that it was a perfect game- just as it would be ridiculous to be upset about how the game played out. However, what actually gets me excited is that it wasn’t a perfect game. In years past, the mental errors along the offensive line that caused some penalties and some of the special teams miscues would have been enough to make the game a lot closer than it was on Saturday night. And, perhaps, if Notre Dame would have played a better team, those mistakes would have haunted them.

Instead, they were merely small bumps in the road. Notre Dame is for real. Championship seasons need things to improve upon. They need details to focus on and mold into a lean and clean dominating force. Now Brian Kelly, Harry Hiestand and the rest of the staff can keep this teams focus on getting better each week. It’s what you have to do to avoid those “trap game” moments.

I’m pumped that the Irish aren’t perfect- yet look so damn good.

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