Michigan State Preview Podcast With Hondo Carpenter & John Walters

As some of you may have seen via Twitter – Somebody agreed to marry me this week! Accepting all congratulations and donations to the cause. Contact @ManCaveQB for more details. I'm also blogging presently about 30 miles North of South Bend as I prepare for a weekend of taking down Sparty. It's only 3am and I've been traveling for 13 hours on no sleep but I need to make sure you know about the podcast this week. I spoke with THE Michigan State blogger extraordinaire – Hondo Carpenter of SpartanNation.com about the upcoming game. Hondo is more in tune with Sparty than you could ever imagine and with his connections to the program and others in the state of Michigan – he knows A LOT about Brian Kelly and the under the skin fued between the Irish head coach and MSU's lead dog- Mark Dantonio. Hondo knows its personal and explains why in the show.

Also returning to the Man Cave QB is John Walters. He saw a big silver lining in the Purdue win and isn't ready to send the defense down the river just yet. John also wonders this aloud – After torching Alabama for the most yards in the history of the conference (as in EVER in the S.E.C.), why is Johnny Manziel the goat this week and not his shredded defense? How is he NOT the Heisman front-runner? We wrap up the show circling around the upcoming finale of Breaking Bad and the most recent Newsroom.

As well rounded a podcast you'll find … well anywhere:

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