The Nutty Bowl AKA Emerald Bowl

First off, I think a tally is in order for the PS2 Challenge. Although I, the Subway Domer, am smoking my competition the PS2 5-3 to 2-6 my overall record and accuracy must improve. Since I have all the results already, improvement means praying.

The game on Wednesday night should be a good game to watch if you are a defensive kind of guy. UCLA has two great ends in Davis and Hickman that should bottle up whatever QB F$U throws out on the field. And Buster Davis is a nightmare at LB for F$U. The key to the game however could be decided by those not wearing shoulder pads. UCLA’s cheerleaders and that whore Jenn Sterger and company can distract any man with a pair of testicles, or even 1(sorry Weatherford).

  • Subway Domer———– UCLA 16 F$U 13 This might be another “wide right” for Bowden and the crew. Medlock sews this baby up for the Bruins in the closing minutes.
  • PS2———————–UCLA 17 F$U 33 Seminoles had a shutout going into the 4th quarter and then they pulled the starters to go easy on UCLA. We know BB will never let this happen.

Once again my prediction fell short of stellar… like way a light-year off. 21 points in the 4th quarter sealed the deal for the Criminoles after UCLA kept trying to give them the game with turnovers, penalties (real or imagined by the refs e.g. pass interference), and mental errors. F$U 44 UCLA 27

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