Chick-fil-A Bowl… PS2 Challenge

This Peach of a game is another defensive battle of epic proportions. The keys for the game are the same for both teams, QB play against a great defense and the ability to establish the run. Whoever can run the ball with some consistency will be able to go to the play-action to freeze the defense and open the game up. VT has the best scoring D in the country with Georgia close to them at 9th. Expect a low score and maybe some sweet thuggery.

  • Subway Domer——————-VT 13 Georgia 7 VT special teams will be the difference. It is not for anything they have done this season, but for what Frank Beamer has done throughout his career.
  • PS2——————————VT 17 Georgia 24 Lumpkin had 192 yards rushing and 74 yards receiving with 2 TD. This one was never close, with VT last TD being a cheap one in the final seconds.

Huh. That’s what I said after this game. How many of these bowls are going to have 2nd half meltdowns of the team that is ahead by A LOT? This is getting crazy.

Running Score… SD 13-7 PS2 9-11

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