Smurf Turf Makes Da U Feel Blue Too


Remember when Miami used to go to bowl games wearing their fatigues and their camo stuff. Well maybe this year they should of borrowed the Arctic Wear that the Army uses, because it’s gonna be cold. They were already bitching about it the moment they got off the plane. Here’s a little tip boys…win more and get a better bowl. Nevada is rearing to go and we have already seen teams that are excited to be where they are play extremely well. The Pistol offense is in place for Nevada, just don’t say it too loudly. Da U is probably packing…Last Boyscout style.

  • Subway Domer————–DaU 37 Nevada 31 Miami wins on talent alone but they will find themselves in a dogfight…seriously I guarantee they fight or pull some kind of thuggery out to send Coker out with a bang (literally).
  • PS2————————-DaU 49 Nevada 28 Huge blowout. Somehow these sims just don’t put felonies into the equation.

    I didn’t watch the game but doesn’t Coker & Co. looked elated ?

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