You Are the Champs of Nothing Bowl

The horribleness of this bowl is astounding. These are 2 very mediocre teams with fat coaches. Purdue racks up a lot of yards, but their defense will give up as many or more to their opponent.Maryland, if you watched them, has never impressed me with their own offense and defensively they are suspect against the spread. Purdue’s spread is a lot like West Virginia’s offense that the Terps had troubles with early this year. This is a wait-and-see game that I could almost do without, but I like to see Brimley sweat.
  • Subway Domer———————TERPS 27 PU 23 Purdue will keep the yards piling up, but so will the turnovers. Tiller will blame Charlie Weis. He believes Weis to be a Voodoo King and has cursed him with crappy QBs.
  • PS2——————————–TERPS 24 PU 18 Neither team got anything going in the 1st half,but they turned it on in the 2nd. An INT return for 6 sparked the Terps to victory after being down 18-3.

A boring game from start to finish. Brimley got what he deserved.

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