Declaration of Independence…Bowl/ I H8 U PS2

This game is one of the hardest matchups to engage and analyze. I don’t know a lot about either team. So this game just might come down to the intangibles. Alabama has no coach and it seems the same can be said of their offense…they have no offense. OKSU has an awful defense, but in 4 of the losses the game was decided by 6 points or less and they were all bowl teams.

  • Subway Domer———— OKSU 31 Bama 27 I have no basis for this other than the Texas game is the worst loss they had during the year and I think the QB, Reid, might present some problems with scrambles.
  • PS2————————OKSU 23 Bama 35 The sim really thought Darby can run! 265 yards and 4 TDs says so.

Poor Bama. No REAL coach, and now a bowl game means you have had a losing season.(And can’t add a NC to their 44 that they claim). Last second FG and chaulk one up for OKSU and the Subway Domer!

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