PS2 Challenge… Hawaii Bowl

Does Hawaii play in this game every year? The WAC really has a monopoly on this home field stuff e.g. Boise St. and the Humanitarian/MPC Bowl. It doesn’t really matter. ASU is going to clobber these RAINBOW Warrior in the ass.(hehe). High scoring game but I believe the over hyped Brennen, will make enough errors to let ASU pull away with ease.

  • Subway Domer——- ASU 49 Hawaii 37
  • PS2—————— ASU 47 Hawaii 33 The game was a real blast to watch. Yes I watch all these games on the system. Too many turnovers by Hawaii (5) let this one go.

I have to apologize for the poor picks as of late… I’m sucking ass. Brennen proved to be the absolut difference against a poor defense. Shame on you DIRK!

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