PS2 Challenge…Music City Bowl

Oh what sweet music to my ears. Clemson and Kentucky rocking it up in Nashville. This is UK first bowl game in 7 years and should be fired up for that fact alone. Clemson, however, may not be as enthusiastic about its situation. Remember when they won that big game against GT and many pundits had them locked for the ACC title and maybe even the BCS title game? Now it is ancient history and we will see how good of a coach The Heir to Bowden really is, and if he can get his team up for the challenge.
  • Subway Domer——— Clemson 38 UK 10 I gotta believe Spiller and Davis are going to have monster games and Proctor will play steady throughout. Also watch for Gaines Adams to set a MSBowl record for something…even if it’s cherry-pit spitting.
  • PS2——————– Clemson 44 UK 13 Blowout all the way. Stuckey scored on a KO return and a reverse.

The prediction was almost as embarrassing as the game itself…almost. Kentucky was fired up from the jump and dominated the game. By the way how many turnovers can one game have?

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