PS2 Challenge… Stinky Sun Bowl

Here comes a sweet game that I promise will be a edge of the seat kind of game. How am I so sure? Just cause homey, chill and watch a gem an hour into the Clemson/Kentucky blowout. Mizzou has a quality offense with excellent players in QB Chase Daniel and TE Chase Coffman, but the Beavers have a stout defense and are excellent in taking the ball away. This may not bode well for Daniel who has had a tendency for INTs during his biggest games.
  • Subway Domer———– ORSU 33 Mizzou 28 The Tigers are no match for Alexis Serna who is THE best kicker in NCAA. If this game is close, I believe he will be enough to win the game. I predict 4 or more FGs for the lad and a Sun Bowl MVP to go along with it.
  • PS2———————- ORSU 13 Mizzou 21 I didn’t get to watch the sim and hit exit b4 I could check the stats…sorry.

What a game! This was the most fun to watch so far, and I imagine CSTV will play the repeat of it like 68 times until next years Sun Bowl. ORSU head coach Mike Riley has balls of steel for going for the 2 point conversion. Nice

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