Alamo Bowl… Try to Forget

This game is probably the worst matchup in the entire bowl season. Iowa squeaks in with a 6-6 record and may find itself way over their heads early. Texas needs to find some motivation as this game is a huge disappointment for them. Texas had a lot of hope coming into the season, but saw its last goal( a trip to the conference title game) snatched away from them during the last game of the year against aTm. Colt McCoy will be able to go, but if he gets banged up Texas has to fall back on a guy who has no experience despite sharing the same last name as the starter. Bowl affiliations suck and this game is the proof that’s in the pudding.

  • Subway Domer———————Texas 37 Iowa 18 The Hawkeyes will be no match and will suffer their first losing season since 2000. Texas rolls and no one will care. (Actually if ND beats LSU, this victory by Texas will be seen as a greater win and they will be the preseason #1)
  • PS2——————————–Texas 24 Iowa 21 Close game. Tate was injured in the first half never to return. Iowa led at the half 14-10 but the loss of Tate made them one dimensional.

This was a pretty good game. Iowa really got off to a good start but they fizzed out. Texas could never get their running game established, but big plays in the passing game helped them squeak out the victory. McCoy for Heisman might be the #1 or #2 storyline during the offseason.

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