A Prime Duel… Texas and Holiday Bowls PS2 Challenge

You Are Either With Us Or Against Us

This is the first time this Bowl season that 2 bowls will be competing for viewership in the same time slot. And it’s Prime Time no less. In fact this is going to be the first of only thrice that this phenomenon happens. The second will be on New Years Day when it happens twice on that day. (ESPN vs. FOX @ 11 and then CBS vs. ABC at 1). This is a war people! You must decide who you stand by.
What a game for the NFL Network to snag for its first ever bowl game. If I turn down the volume I might keep myself from blowing my head off. It doesn’t matter who the announcers are I know they will be shitty and the camera work will look like a 3rd grade project. Rutgers is walking into this bowl with a 10-2 record, and despite the fact they are in a lesser bowl, have a lot to prove and seem very enthusiastic about being there. Kansas St. has trouble scoring. They will need an effort very similar to the one versus Texas to compete in this one.

  • Subway Domer————– SUNJ 26 KSU 17 I feel that Rutgers has the best TB FB tandem in the country and will ride those guys all game. Look for a huge night from Leonard as KSU will be keying in on Rice. With a ball control offense and a stingy D this will be Rutgers game from kickoff to the gun.
  • PS2————————- SUNJ 22 KSU 24 The game was decided in the middle of the 4th quarter on a 47 yard FG. Rutgers could not even get a first down after that score.

This game has turned out to be one of the most exciting and high scoring games during the bowl season over the last 20 or so years. Both teams come into the game with 9-3 records that neither team was supposed to have( Cal underachieved while aTm overachieved) The thing to watch might be the play of aTm redzone defense. They give up a lot of yards but have done a pretty good job of keeping points to a minimum. Another thing to watch will be the running game of Cal. If they get it going, the play-action will be there all night. I love the name Jvorskie.

  • Subway Domer————– Cal 37 aTm 31 Cal will mount the ground campaign in the first half and destroy the Aggies in the 2nd with an aerial assault that is 75% play-action. A heroic effort by McGee will come short against one of the better teams in the country.
  • PS2————————- Cal 28 aTm 14 A real blase game with almost no big plays and no turnovers. Lynch was a workhorse and carried Cal to victory with 3 TD. Bad playcalling kept this from being a real blowout.

I was 2fer for the 2fer. Both games were blowouts with Cal adding a little “screw you” at the end that Tedford did not call… or so we are to believe

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