Meineke Bowl…BC’s Dream Season

Another year, and another mid-level bowl for the BC Eagles. They live for this stuff. This school has only limited goals as to not disappoint themselves too much. Navy comes to their third straight bowl and are seeking another chance at some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Tom O’Brian is gone to greener pastures, by greener pastures I mean he took a job at NC ST. …a rival school in the same conference. Navy may have some matchup problems, but they are definitely used to that and will use tenacity and athleticism to try and knock the Eagles out.

  • Subway Domer—————– BC 29 NAVY 20 Unfortunately I have to go with the superfans and BC. BC might be too physical for 4 quarters for Navy to establish a rhythm with their option running attack.
  • PS2—————————–BC 14 Navy 7 Low scoring and boring. This was the score at halftime. Yawn. Challenger scored both TD for the Eagles.

I just cleaned up the vomit that spewed out after the ESPN reporter referred to the BC kicker as Rudy. I was completely wrong about this game with the exception of the outcome- and I was loving it. Fuck BC and their Meineke Car Care Oil Change Brake Pad Steering Wheel Visor Bowl win. Next Year can’t come fast enough. I hope Schwapp lays an ass whooping to #24. He’s an asshole who kept flexing his muscles the whole game after any play he was in on.

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