Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas to all of you Domers out there! This is the time of year to look back on the season we’ve had and to also look towards the future at the season to come.
Before you can really judge the performance of this years team one must put it into the context of a 3-4 year period. I think it is safe to say that we are all disappointed with the way the season has turned out as a whole. No Heisman, no Title, and 2 losses to perhaps our 2 biggest rivals. This was supposed to be the season we could all tell ESPN, Mary Kay(what my sisters call May), and the whole lot of haters to go… well, you know what I’m saying. Instead we got a season of here we go again. The thing is, we should be ecstatic! If you look at the last 2 seasons and the 2 before them, ND is coming on strong in the National picture. 19-4 compared to 11-12, is truly quite remarkable. I will hold my head up high while wearing the Gold and Blue (and sometimes Green) and be proud.
The season to come? That should be very interesting indeed. I truly believe that Weis will never lose to an opponent that he should take care of e.g. BYU 2004, BC 2004, Purdue ever, etc. No, the real fun is going to be USC and Michigan next year. How do we overcome with so many key guys gone? Plug them in and sit back. Next year may be a bumpy ride but I can’t remember a season that will be so full of intrigue about who the starters will be. At best we go 9-3 with a trip to the Gator Bowl, and with a not so bright look ahead 7-5 with the medium being of course 8-4. Either way it will set up what might be the most breathtaking years since Holtz in 2008 and 2009 and beyond. Charlie is getting it done on the recruiting trail and no matter what line he gives about the guys we have now being HIS guys( and I love him for saying it), just you wait world when the pieces are there and nothing can stop Weis and ND from conquering the World.


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