Give Me Liberty or Give Me Spurrier


The Ole Ball Coach returns to bowling after a 21 point meltdown from a year ago. South Carolina takes on Houston in a game that should be quite explosive. SC has a dynamic WR in Rice and with Spurrier calling the shots he should see a lot of touches from a hot-as-of-late QB, Mitchell. I would not be surprised however, to see a lot of Cory Boyd their RB. Kevin Kolb (pronounced cobb) is one of the nations top passers against Conference USA foes. Although SC has a good pass defense ranking, they have been porous the last 3 games they have played. That sets up for a shootout…cock style.

  • Subway Domer—————SC 45 UH 37 This just might see more big plays than any other game this bowl season. If it is a shootout, I like the OBC chances because he brings a fun-n-gun while H-Town has a corn cobb.(Which back in the day was used as an ass wiper)
  • PS2————————–SC 29 UH 28 Not quite the shootout I predict but the game did have a sweet highlight. In the 3rd, UH blocked an EP and took all the way to the 2 yard line before being knocked out of bounds. If they would have scored that 2 point play they win. By the way Rice had 184 yds and 3TD.

McKinley, Rice, and Mitchell (who looks like Jason White but with straighter teeth) were way too much for Houston and won 44-36 despite being out gained in total yards.

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