PS2 Challenge…Las Vegas Bowl

Mormons and hippies with awesomely shitty uniforms. This is what bowl season is all about. Screw you playoff lovers! How could we ever have a playoff and risk making these games irrelevant?

  • Subway Domer—— Oregon 38 BYU 31 I got to take Oregon on this one. Something tells me Dennis Dixon is going to blow up the hopes of these Fighting Joe Smiths early and often. John Beck is no Jim McMahon, and I do not see another Holiday Bowl comeback in the works.
  • PS2——————Oregon 31 BYU 28 The PS2 Is also quacking up about this contest. It however believes this to be a close game as the sim was. It turned out to be 31-28, and Dixon threw for 348 yards and 3 TD. Of course these are typical numbers versus the Tabernacle Choir.

Sadly, I was a little mistaken of the outcome of this game. Those Stormn‘ Mormons will get you every time. Thankfully I lost no ground.

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