Give Me Insight…PS2 Challenge


A lot of pundits believe this game to be a high scoring affair, and it very well could be. These teams are like the biggest opposites you could find for a game. Except for one stat,and the only one that really matters, points per game. TT scored 31.5 a game while MINN scored 30.3 .That’s pretty darn even. This is also the only bowl game where both teams have a color identified in their mascot name(Red Raiders & Golden Gophers). What the hell? Are they racist?!!!

  • Subway Domer————MINN 36 TT 35 Maybe MINN can keep moving the ball on the ground and run out some time. Spaeth( the undeserving TE who somehow managed to steal the Mackey Award from Carlson) is out after surgery to repair a severe shoulder separation. By the way, Carlson will play in his bowl game…dick.
  • PS2———————–MINN 27 TT 42 An outstanding game by the QB. He threw for 437 yards and 6 TDs. TT was up 42 to 13 entering the 4th quarter.

I spoke too soon about the Sun Bowl. This game was beyond phenomenal. Down 38-7 TT scored 31 unanswered points to send it to OT and then handled their business to win 44-41. This game serves proof as to why Glen Mason was denied at Ohio St and is quite possibly the worst coach in college sports. Did you see him smiling and acting like this thing was over in the 1st half? Hey Glen, learn from San Jose St.’s coach- he was pissed about the Gatorade shower with a few seconds left and the game virtually over!

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