The Blogpoll Top 25 Should Be Included In The BCS

Results for Week 15 # School Points/blog SD Delta 1 LSU Tigers (60) 25.00 0.00 — 2 Oklahoma St. Cowboys 23.50 0.70 1 3 Alabama Crimson Tide 23.15 1.14 -1 4 Stanford Cardinal 21.52 1.01 — 5 Oregon Ducks 20.55 1.18 3 6 Boise St. Broncos 18.40 3.31 1 7 Arkansas Razorbacks 17.92 2.96 2 […]

Twittermania: The Weekly Top 5 #NDFB Tweets

Welcome back to TWITTERMANIA on Subway Domer. I take the top 5 tweets of the week and lay them out for your pleasure. I thought this series was going to take an awful turn as the embedded tweets were not working for a few days. However… they now fully work and are totally linkable.  Although […]

Blogpoll Top 25: Week 15 Ballot

Subway Domer Ballot – Week 15 Rank Team Delta 1 LSU Tigers — 2 Oklahoma St. Cowboys 2 3 Alabama Crimson Tide — 4 Stanford Cardinal -2 5 USC Trojans 1 6 Oregon Ducks 2 7 Arkansas Razorbacks — 8 Wisconsin Badgers 7 9 Georgia Bulldogs — 10 South Carolina Gamecocks 4 11 Michigan St. […]

Bagpipe Monday: The 3 Greatest Truths

Welcome to Bagpipe Monday on Subway Domer. Friends, I don’t know much, but I know these three things are true: Notre Dame will play Florida State in the Champs Sports Bowl. Tommy Rees will start at quarterback. will collectively state that a loss in this game should result in the firing of Broan Kelly, […]

Notre Dame To Play Florida State In Champs Sports Bowl

Notre Dame will play Florida State in the Champs Sports Bowl on December 29 at 5:30 eastern time. This isn’t much of a surprise to ANYONE involved. In fact, ever since the Notre Dame loss to USC on October 22, most experts and fans knew this was probably going to be the end result.  ON […]

Dayne Crist To Transfer After Graduation

Dayne Crist will transfer from Notre Dame after he graduates in December. This is no surprise. Crist has been through the ringer throughout his Notre Dame career; be it injuries or Brian Kelly’s preference of Tommy Rees.  Although the Tribune article lists Wisconsin, San Diego State, and Utah as possible destinations- I’m sure we will […]

Irish Blogger Gathering: PreParty For The Postseason

Welcome to a new era of the Irish Blogger Gathering. We’ve made some tweaks in the hopes of making this a better experience for all involved. I’ll save you the time and refrain from explanation. I have the highest hopes that most of you are smarter than a brontosaurus and will figure it out. Bowl […]

Is Andrew Hendrix The Future At Quarterback For Notre Dame?

In short, yes, Andrew Hendrix (or that type of athlete) is the future at quarterback for Notre Dame. Now, whether it be Hendrix or Golson in 2012 remains to be seen. In fact, there is still one more game in 2011 that needs to be played. Will Brian Kelly start Tommy Rees in the bowl […]

Twittermania: The Weekly Top 5 #NDFB Tweets

Seeing as how Twitter seems to keep me occupied long enough to NOT write a story from time to time, I thought if I just started a weekly series with the Top 5 Tweets; it will at least account for something. These tweets will consist mainly of Notre Dame Football stuff, but can and will […]

Blogpoll Top 25: Week 14 Ballot

Subway Domer Ballot – Week 14 Rank Team Delta 1 LSU Tigers — 2 Stanford Cardinal 7 3 Alabama Crimson Tide -1 4 Oklahoma St. Cowboys 2 5 Virginia Tech Hokies 5 6 USC Trojans 1 7 Arkansas Razorbacks -4 8 Oregon Ducks — 9 Georgia Bulldogs -5 10 Michigan St. Spartans 4 11 Houston […]

The Stanford Hangover

OK. This hasn’t been the most ideal last week and a half. A thousand apologies are in order to the loyal Subway Domer readers for the almost  total lack of readable material. I suppose I could offer a bunch of reasons/excuses, but I’m sure we are way beyond that now. What’s worse, is that it […]

Open Thread: Notre Dame @ Stanford

First of all… Alright, I know the site has been extremely lacking this week. My bad, and what sucks even worse is that this is the last regular season game- AND IT’S A FUCKING HUGE ONE!!!! The Subway Domer World Headquarters has been plagued with illness, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and killing dogs with the front […]

Irish Blogger Gathering: The Trials of Stanford

Welcome to the Irish Blogger Gathering on Subway Domer. Keith Arnold of NBC’s Inside the Irish has this weeks questions. Let’s IBG this thing… 1. Obviously, Saturday night’s game is massive. Win, and the Irish get to nine wins after starting 0-2, and you can make a really persuasive argument that they’re deserving of a […]

Blogpoll Top 25: Week 13 Ballot

Subway Domer Ballot – Week 13 Rank Team Delta 1 LSU Tigers 1 2 Alabama Crimson Tide 2 3 Arkansas Razorbacks 3 4 Georgia Bulldogs 7 5 South Carolina Gamecocks 5 6 Oklahoma St. Cowboys -5 7 USC Trojans 5 8 Oregon Ducks -5 9 Stanford Cardinal -2 10 Virginia Tech Hokies -1 11 Michigan […]