Twittermania: The Weekly Top 5 #NDFB Tweets

top #NDFB tweets
Welcome back to TWITTERMANIA on Subway Domer. I take the top 5 tweets of the week and lay them out for your pleasure. I thought this series was going to take an awful turn as the embedded tweets were not working for a few days. However… they now fully work and are totally linkable. 

Although this is a #NDFB thing, the top 5 is open to basically anything that comes across my timeline. This week, we had a lot on our plates: conference title games, BCS standings, and another Notre Dame quarterback dilemma.

Let’s jump into the top 5:

Of course the B1G championship is decided by a roughing the kicker penalty. #LegendsAndDerpSun Dec 04 04:52:40 via Twitter for iPad

Not sure about the rest of you, but totally ready to fire BK on my perceived notion of how he is going to use the QBs a month from nowMon Dec 05 14:39:34 via Silver Bird

Picking Bowls And Loving It. Dec 06 14:11:33 via SB Nation

An Ohio team against a Florida team means the Jacksonville police blotter in the week surrounding the Gator Bowl will be AAAAMAAZING.Tue Dec 06 17:35:48 via web

Cougar Hunting with Coach Leach sounds like the greatest series of misadventures of our timesTue Dec 06 20:36:42 via Twitter for iPhone

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Twittermania: The Weekly Top 5 #NDFB Tweets

top five #ndfb tweets
Seeing as how Twitter seems to keep me occupied long enough to NOT write a story from time to time, I thought if I just started a weekly series with the Top 5 Tweets; it will at least account for something. These tweets will consist mainly of Notre Dame Football stuff, but can and will expand into the rest of college football, and whatever else I see as just awesome. 

If you’re not on Twitter- maybe this series will change your mind and you’ll go running to sign up. Make sure you follow me @TheSubwayDomer and that will get you started. If you are already a veteran, maybe these will contain a tweet you missed, or an account you can’t afford to miss any longer. (Speaking of missing… let me know if you think I missed out on a good tweet or two. This works both ways yo!)

The nice thing about these embedded tweets, are that they are not just cropped screen images. The links are very real, and very usable. So, if there is an awesome picture, or link to a story, or video, or whatever- you can get right to them from the tweets on these posts. It’s a pretty good deal for y’all.

Seeing as how this has been in the works for the past few weeks, I will of course have more than five. Of course.

Here we go…

#NotreDame football leads nation in one stat category — 4th-down conversions. Only school to be at 100 percent (6-for-6).Sun Nov 20 18:11:40 via web

Discounting possible wins before they even happen…Impressive – “Even if Kelly wins, let me be the first to… Nov 22 15:48:19 via Tumblr

RT @sbnation: Oregon, Nike And The Future Of College Football … Nov 22 18:46:39 via TweetDeck

I don’t know how this is possible, but Too Short is trending in C’bus… and Urban Meyer isn’t.Tue Nov 22 21:41:36 via web

Somebody just said Navy typically wins about 3 games a year. Why do ND fans hate knowing what they are talking about?Wed Nov 23 05:36:49 via Twitter for iPhone

Les Miles finds it charming that Kirk Herbstreit is complaining about folks breaking the Meyer to OSU story and being unfair to the players.Wed Nov 23 16:09:57 via web

Lane Kiffen : Daniel Tosh :: Luke Fickel : Adam Sandler.Sat Nov 26 19:29:30 via Twitter for iPhone

Rob Ianello got fired today. The Charlie Weis coaching tree is officially dead, I think.Sat Nov 26 23:17:08 via Twitter for iPhone

With a Zookless season coming, the balance of the universe necessitated the return of Bob Davie.Sun Nov 27 18:09:24 via Twitter for iPad

NO ONE MAY PLAY IN @ChampsSportsBwl‘s REINDEER GAMES. NO ONE!!!!Tue Nov 29 19:28:58 via TweetDeck

There. A foretaste of the feast to come…

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Warlord and Emperor of the Subway Alumni... also, I do this "dad" thing pretty damn well.