VICTORY: Notre Dame 17, Stanford 14

Notre Dame found a way to beat Stanford 17-14, despite all the rain, all the cold, and all the doubt. The Fighting Irish lived up to its name, by battling through every mistake and every bit of precipitation and cold that Mother Nature threw at them. It was a sloppy game just as much as […]

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Stanford

Welcome to the Anti-Preview on Subway Domer. Folks, last week was a giant fucking mess. Five turnovers and the Irish still only beat Syracuse by 16 points. Somebody dig down deep and belch out a FIRE BRIAN KELLY before someone gets hurt out there. Seriously though, last week was no big deal (as long as […]

Snoop Dogg & Flava Flav Rap About High School Football

Snoop Dogg does what Snoop Dogg does. He grabs Flava Flav and records a track about Bishop Gorman High School Football. Bishop Gorman is the school where Snoop’s son, Cordell Broadus, is a blue chip wide receiver. Bishop Gorman is also home to Notre Dame commit and UFC royalty, Nicco Fertitta. .

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Stalks Recruits

I really hope this story gets crazy at some point this year. Something like, Harvey Updike and Melissa Joan Hart run off together and plot horrible things for Auburn and then get arrested by the ATF. Oh the possibilities… Why is Melissa Joan Hart following Alabama recruits on Twitter? via

Irish Blogger Gathering: Bathe In Bark Blood

BREAK OUT THE JACKYL CD’s AND EVERY CHAINSAW YOU OWN PEOPLE! THEM TREES IS COMING! Wait… You don’t even own one chainsaw? Oh, you horrible bastards. You terrible, awful assholes. Well, welcome to the Irish Blogger Gathering anyways. It’s TREE WEEK and I’m getting a little excited. Me and the fellas took a giant toke […]

The Syracuse Hangover

There was a lot to take in from Notre Dame’s 31-15 victory over Syracuse on Saturday night. The trouble lies in what was real and what was some insane magic mushroom ride. Obviously the game did not go quite according to Irish fans expectations. Seeing as how this “review” is a wee bit late, and […]

Bagpipe Monday: Everett Golson Doesn’t Know What He Is Doing

Everett Golson just pitched the strangest game of his career. Last Saturday night’s game had a little of just about anything you can think of in terms of quarterback performance. Golson was credited with four turnovers- one of which was an interception that was returned for a touchdown, but he also threw for over 360 […]

VICTORY: Notre Dame 31, Syracuse 15

Notre Dame could barely get out of its own way to beat the Syracuse Orange, 31-15 at MetLife Stadium. The Irish coughed up 5 turnovers while amassing 525 yards of offense for the night. As the broadcast team of Fowler and Herbstreit kept mentioning… it was an awfully weird night. The main story was Everett […]

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Syracuse

Thank Touchdown Jesus it’s back. The early season bye is a tough obstacle to overcome. It’s also a little strange to jump from one neutral site prime-time game to another. I mean, the Irish are 3-0 and Golson is a viable candidate for the Heisman- SO LET’S GET THIS THING MOVING ALREADY… SYRACUSE Do not […]

An Orange Conversation With A Magician

I don’t do these things every week. They’re actually a pain in the ass for the blogger who does the answering, but I would be remiss if I didn’t tap my old friend, author, and blogger extraordinaire, Sean Keeley from Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician for a little Q & A (blog name diss […]


Welcome to the IBG on Subway Domer. Don’t for ONE SINGLE SECOND think that this article is late. No way. As creator and godfather of the IBG, I embedded a code granting me supreme rights to post a late IBG. No, it doesn’t specify how late- so here we are, and here’s the IBG… Frank […]

Everett Golson Is RISING For The Heisman

It took only three good games to get Golson’s name on the tip of every tongue for the Heisman Trophy. If only Beano Cook was still alive! Seriously, there is a lot of football to go, but Everett Golson is making EVLIEVERS out of a lot of folks. The lead up is simple… continue to […]

Bagpipe Monday: Healing

Were you nervous? It’s okay if you were, because I was throwing crowbars out of frustration. Notre Dame’s defensive backfield is thin- like The Subway Domer high school freshman thin ( I weighed 95 pounds). Coming into the game, the Irish were already lacking KeiVarae Russell, Eilar Hardy, and Austin Collinsworth. The first two to […]

VICTORY: Notre Dame 30, Purdue 14

Notre Dame escaped the sixth edition of the Shamrock Series against Purdue with a 30-14 victory. It’s a good thing Everett Golson is a magician. The Fighting Irish were riding high after that historic and gratifying 31-0 shutout over Michigan, and perhaps they used up a little more mojo than any Irish fan wanted to […]

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Purdue

Hey… it’s the Anti-Preview. Look, I’m not going to bullshit you here- I’ve been drinking. So, this thing is going to be slightly abbreviated. I suppose this is the best week for this speed reading version. After all, this is Purdue week. If it wasn’t for the Shamrock Series and shiny new uniformzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PURDUE This […]