Notre Dame Football Podcast w/ ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg & Evan Sharpley

On this week's Down the Line on TNNDN Network we were joined by ESPN Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg & former Notre Dame quarterback Evan Sharpley. With ND set to face three consecutive opponents, Rittenberg offered some insight into the upcoming three game stretch in the conference everyone who knows nothing about Notre Dame thinks […]

Michigan Is “Crying Wolf” About Notre Dame Rivalry

Enough is enough already. The whole conversation is getting ridiculous. This "discussion" about whether or not Michigan and Notre Dame are rivals is getting distorted and twisted into whatever people want to make it- as usual.  This debate has gone on for quite a long time, but it really got going last season when it […]

The Temple Hangover

Just as the seasons have changed with drastic changes, so too have the "hangover" posts. This year, I'll be pulling three items out of each game, and shine some light on the subjects (or muck it up, depending upon your taste). The Temple game was quite exciting for many reasons, but the general theme of […]

Michigan Hate Week Begins… GET YOUR SHIRT

Friends, readers, and loyal subjects of Subway Domer: FUCK MICHIGAN. Get your "hate" on this week by rocking a sweet shirt on Saturday. Might I suggest a few that start at only $14??? You can get them at the SUBWAY DOMER T SHIRT STORE.  Go, and represent.  

Rapid Reaction: Notre Dame 28, Temple 6

Boy the 2013 expectations escalated quickly! Temple did what they had to do upon finding themselves in the middle of a vicious cockfight – they kept their heads on a swivel. Safe to say we expected Notre Dame and Tommy Rees to ease into the season opener, pound the ball at the overmatched Temple front, […]

Stats That Don’t Lie & Stats That Do: Temple

Notre Dame kicked off the 2013 season in (kinda) emphatic fashion en route to beating the Temple Owls during their first-ever meeting against Notre Dame with a 1st year Head Coach in Mark Rhule and 1st-year starting quarterback in Connor Reilly. Here’s a look at a pair of stats from Saturday’s matchup: One that matters, […]

Irish Coffee & Doughnuts: From Temple To Michigan

Good Sunday to you and welcome to the Irish Coffee & Doughnuts show on the Subway Domer Podcast Network (we just totally made that network part up). Dive into the conversation between Knute School Fool & his bro Grotto Gangsta, as they discuss the Temple game and look towards Michigan. This podcast is available on […]

Victory: Notre Dame 28, Temple 6

The 2013 version of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish got off to an extra shiny start against the Temple Owls, only to wear down to a dull finish. Maybe that's a harsh statement about a team that won by more than three touchdowns, but there aren't too many other ways to describe it after the […]

Open Thread: Notre Dame vs Temple

Image via @ndmspaint Here is your open thread for Notre Dame vs Temple. Please use this any way that you see fit; whether you want to drop some nuggets during the day, be a part of the gamechat, bitch, brag, emote- whatever. Just show some respect towards other commenters. I'll mostly be on twitter today, […]

The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame vs Temple

OH MY GOD WE ARE FINALLY READY FOR THE 2013 NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Finally after the offseason that just would not die, we can finally put most of that mess behind us and play some real, actual football.  The Irish are looking to get off to a good start, and in all honesty, they […]

Notre Dame-Temple Preview: Primer, Notes & Predictions

  #14 Notre Dame (0-0) v. Temple (0-0) Notre Dame Stadium – South Bend, IN – 3:30 EST On NBC First Things – As Irish fans we all head into relatively unfamiliar territory with the 2013 season opener upon us. What do we do with a team who spent an entire twelve game schedule reaching […]

5 Things To Watch – Notre Dame v. Temple

It's comical to suggest that there are only "5 Things To Watch" in any Notre Dame game, but to infer that merely a quintet of storylines are worth mentioning during a season opener is beyond ridiculous. I'll be watching a million "things" on the field this Saturday afternoon and so will you when ND squares […]

Start Strong & End Stronger

One of the many cliche's that coaches, media, and fans use in their preseason prognostications is that Team A needs to get off to a good start this season and make a strong showing in the first 3 or 4 games. That is as obvious of a general statement as you'll find- and you'll find […]

Irish Blogger Gathering: Owling Is A Myth

The Irish Blogger Gathering returns to its secret castle, far away in the mucky-muck to once again talk, question, and gut bomb the Notre Dame Football season.  It's GAME WEEK y'all, and this week the Irish host Temple to kick off the season. So, in honor of that, I ask UND's blogger, Aaron Horvath ZERO […]

Twittermania: WELCOME TO 2013 RELEVANCY

Welcome back to the begining gentlemen and ladies. Twittermania returns after another short break to dig its heels into the 2013 season.  The new season brings with it new "rules." Per usual, I must follow you, see you on a RT, or one of your Tweets are used in the HLS Recaps to be eligible. […]

Podcasting With @oaknd1 & @NDSportsBlogger

His voice reigns over the ND Twiterrati in 140 character blasts of truth. A recent Her Loyal Sons Preseason poll ranked him the #1 Twitter follow for Irish fans on the social media beast. A combination of wit, snark, and much envied ND Athletics access made him royalty among faithful looking for open ridicule of […]