Podcasting With @oaknd1 & @NDSportsBlogger

His voice reigns over the ND Twiterrati in 140 character blasts of truth. A recent Her Loyal Sons Preseason poll ranked him the #1 Twitter follow for Irish fans on the social media beast. A combination of wit, snark, and much envied ND Athletics access made him royalty among faithful looking for open ridicule of the most out of touch in the Irish fan-base and the occasional view of what goes on inside the media department. Between sharing grounded thoughts on hot button ND topics and sarcastically responding to outside opinions on the dome – Oak brings his lunch pail to the keyboard nearly every day and delivers the goods. Reality was – fans of "The Oak", maybe better known as @oaknd1, had never actually heard the audio and rhythm his thoughts and opinions could provide. That was until we brought him on our podcast, Down the Line, and let him share his stories in an expanded forum. (as always available in iTunes under "TNNDN")

Maybe he was thought to be tagging along, but Aaron Horvath, aka the 2013/14 ND Sports Blogger (@NDSportsBlogger), came on the show as well and fired off one of the greatest analogies in sports/pop culture history. You'll need to tune in to catch Aaron channeling his inner Bill Simmons when questioned about the state of the Notre Dame running back stable heading into the season. Aaron also responded to queries regarding what he's seen out of the Fighting Irish Fall Camp and what he expects out of the defensive line and defensive backs this season. We look forward to having him back throughout the year to discuss Irish athletics.

Aaron & Oak are part of the ever expanding and improving Fighting Irish Digital Media team (FIDM) and what should really interest Irish fans is the insider's guide they provide regarding ND's recent iPad app update, iTunes sales of complete game broadcasts for the entire season, and what's new over at WatchND – an amazing place to find links to all Fighting Irish athletics live coverage in one click. In complete honesty – it's one of the best interviews we've ever had based on the combination of quality guests, intriguing information, and a wide range of relevant topics. Enjoy the show along with some memorable tweets the guests sent out regarding their appearance.

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