The Temple Hangover

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Just as the seasons have changed with drastic changes, so too have the "hangover" posts. This year, I'll be pulling three items out of each game, and shine some light on the subjects (or muck it up, depending upon your taste).

The Temple game was quite exciting for many reasons, but the general theme of the game was "NEW." I guess at the begriming of every season, a lot of things seem new, but this year, the newness was oozing all over. 

Let's take a look…


When Notre Dame made their uniform adjustments last year, I thought they were as perfect as we have seen in a long, long time. Honestly, the uniform looked like some awesome combination of the uniforms of Lou Holtz & Ara Parseghian. Beautiful and perfect. 

I'll now save you the fashion critique and move on to this years version.

The 2013 Notre Dame uniform is almost identical to that from last year with one glaring exception… those stretch mark things on the front of the jersey. I am as much of an advocate for change and for improvement when it comes to a lot of the things that make up the football program, but I see no need and no use for that particular change. It looks weird and out of place on a Notre Dame uniform. 

Fresh Faces

One of the major storylines coming out of the Temple game, was the sheer number of freshmen that played in the game. 10 freshmen played, and two of them were starters (Corey Robinson WR & Jaylon Smith LB). You can look at this in a wide number of different ways.

First, it is a refreshing sight. If a player is the best option at a position- he's going to play. Talent and production will now trump seniority. This creates better competition and helps break down those walls of entitlement and complacency that has plagued this team over the years. 

Another take, is that this team may be in trouble later in the season as much more focus and experience is needed to navigate the college football season. Can a team play steady and maintain its poise with so many young players in major roles? 

Whatever the case may be, it is an exciting time to watch the program as it "changes the guard" in many areas. 

The Pistol

I'll save absolute judgment on this formation used within the Kelly / Martin offense until we are a few more games into the season. I will say that I welcome and was excited by the use of this new formation from Notre Dame (the formation isn't new, but it was the first time it was used at ND). 

I am more than curious to see it used against Michigan this week. Will this help the running game? Will it help the passing game? Will it help this team win? I say yes to all three, but with the caveat of, wait and see.

On To Michigan

Gameday. Skunkbears. Hoking on chicken bones. Absolute hate. This could get weird and wild. 

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