Notre Dame Athletes Will Eat More

The Legislative Council for the NCAA announced a few changes today.

This is a fairly drastic change in policy, and a very good one. Student athletes (scholarship players and walk-ons as well) will now be able to receive a full dietary plan from their coaching staffs. In the past, athletes were allowed 3 meals as a part of their meal plan. With the new legislation, it basically sounds like it’s going to be a free for all. A shady smart staff might consider passing out gift cards to Ruth’s Chris, Bonefish Grill, or whatever the kids are into these days (with proper nutrition as the focal point).

For Notre Dame, this all seems like a trip into the future with a Mr. Fusion powered DeLorean. It was only a few short years ago that the Irish finally instituted a training table to help develop the players with proper nutrition- decades after other top schools had done so. Now, the buffet is WIDE OPEN y’all.

To some, this may all seem like a minor thing, and a reaction to the recent labor movement by some college athletes, but this really is a grand statement and a great action by those in power. I wonder what more will change in the future regarding the health and safety of student athletes off the playing field / playing surface?

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